Adventures in Portland

One of my best friend’s from high school got married in Portland in August.  I was so excited that we were able to go.  Since it was quite the distance from Austin, we decided to make a vacation out of it.  I tried to document my eating as much as possible, but wasn’t able to get everything.  This was 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant, and one of my “bad” weeks.  I had 2 solid weeks of constant nausea.  I tried medication prescribed from my doc and that made it worse because not only was I still nauseous, but now I couldn’t go to the bathroom!  So in terms of watching what I ate, that consisted of watching whatever sounded good at the moment go into my mouth.  The thought of veggies and protein made me want to blow chunks.  So I did my best, but it wasn’t that great.

Keller started off the trip with an ice cream craving…who gets a banana split at the airport?

We had to stop in SLC on our way to Portland and had just enough time to grab a Wolfgang Puck BBQ chicken pizza before our connection left.  By the time we got to OR it was almost 1am our time.

Thursday we spent the day exploring Portland.  We had the opportunity to go to the Portland temple which was beautiful and then did some walking around downtown.  Started off with a cardio and circuit training workout with the hubby and then a delicious hotel breakfast.  Egg white omelet and toast.

We grabbed some lunch at a random restaurant and shared some calamari and a Kobe beef burger…sooo good!

Keller got me an early anniversary present…so excited I can now be a professional blogger like Lexy and Carman!

This is an example of Cyndi’s random cravings…this was the first time I wanted some meat, but I also wanted mac and cheese.  We decided to order room service cause we were too lazy to go out.  The cart they wheeled in with our food barely fit through the door 😉

 Got up early the next morning to meet the wedding party for some river rafting.  We were trying to find some food on the way and ended up driving by the Bob’s Red Mill mill.  Not a lot of people know what Bob’s Red Mill is, but it’s the bomb.  The Mill had a restaurant that made breakfast with all their products.  I had egg whites and buckwheat pancakes.  They were amazing.  We also grabbed a grocery sack full of food to have healthy snacks on our camping adventure.

Homemade bread and freshly pressed peanut butter (you can make it at the mill, it’s literally peanuts and that’s it).  Portland also has marionberry jam which I discovered is my all time favorite jam.  Was perfect for pb&j sandwiches!!

I was worried about getting my veggies in over the weekend so I grabbed one of these.

I couldn’t take my phone on the river rafting trip, but imagine cold water and my husband with his shirt off (oh wait don’t imagine that last part).  After the rafting trip, the bride and groom put on a BBQ.  The classiest BBQ I’ve ever had.  Most of the food was from Trader Joe’s, delicious tortilla chips with hummus, veggies, watermelon, homemade marinated pork and tuna, spinach salads.  I mean seriously the classiest camping BBQ I’ve ever been to!

The next day was the wedding.  I woke up early because we were freaking camping and that’s what happens when you’re sleeping on the ground!  I made my hubby get up and we drove up to Mt. Hood.  We wanted to see the Timberline Lodge which is famous because it was in the movie The Shining.  We ate breakfast there and then went to take a picture by the scary room.

When we got back to the campsite we took a shower (camping showers feel like you’re getting power washed, just FYI).  Got all prettied up for the wedding and hopped on the shuttle that took us to the house where the wedding was.

The house they had the wedding had the most amazing view of the Clackamass River.  When we got there they were serving fresh watermelon drinks and some appetizers.  It was a very casual wedding.  The bride and groom were mingling with everyone before the wedding.  Then they had us all go sit down and they started the ceremony.  They asked the audience to hum the wedding march for the bride’s entrance.  The bride and groom exchanged vowed in front of a professor from their college who made analogies to protons and neutrons and other chemistry stuff that I didn’t understand.  But apparently everyone else there did. 😉

Then the couple raised the nuptial flag, declaring it Rachael and Peter day!

The evening continued with a delicious, healthy dinner and some dancing to a swing band named the Kung Pow Chickens.  After quite a long day in the heat and feeling typical pregoness, Keller and I caught the first shuttle back to the campsite and packed up our stuff and headed to the Courtyard Marriot.  Keller’s idea!!  But it was fantastic to have a bed!

Since I totally forgot my phone at the wedding, I had to take my pic with the bride the morning after (Sunday) at the camp breakfast.  The groom’s father made his famous blueberry pancakes (which were seriously to die for!) and amazing sausage  (and I don’t even eat sausage).

After the breakfast we headed back to Portland.  Spent the next 2 days in Portland eating, walking around downtown, eating, watching Pay Per View, eating, shopping, and more eating.  Here’s a few delicious eats we found.

The coolest doughnut shop in the world.  Also the dirtiest (not like as in cleanliness, as in inappropriately named doughnuts!!  It’s called Voodoo doughnuts.

This doughnut was called the Rocky Road…it had cocoa puffs, maple, chocolate, and a lot of other stuff.  Not my fav!

The best nachos I’ve ever had!

Delicious veggie pizza from Old Town Pizza!!

Famous crunchy french toast from a delicious breakfast restaurant called Mother’s Bistro.

And probably the best dessert we had at Oba Restaurant, it was two banana cream filled puffs with warm banana caramel and ice cream.  Thank goodness it was so small because seriously I could have eaten 5 of these!

The worst part of the trip was when airport security confiscated my 2 jars of marionberry jam…even after I dumped half of each of them out as instructed by one of the TSA’s.  Good thing they had a gift shop in the airport where I could by more!  All in all it was a fantastic week retreat with my hubby exploring a fun new city.  It was worth every point! 😉

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