Daily 8/12

Busy Friday!  Woke up early for an 8:30pm spin class…grabbed a banana for a pre-workout snack.
Post-workout/Breakfast:  protein pancake w/side of peach and blueberries
Ran home to take a shower before I had to make it to an appointment downtown.
I took advantage of being so close to Whole Foods and headed there for lunch.  I literally walked around the store for 20 minutes before deciding what I wanted.  For some reason my pics didn’t save, I only had one in my phone.  
PS this is like the most random lunch ever but it was what I wanted!
Lunch: 6 pieces of shrimp sushi (over white rice), a greek yogurt, fruit, and granola parfait (ate half), and a cinnamon scone (ate 1/3, then eventually the rest by the end of the day)
Snack: naked juice green machine, needed some veggies
Dinner: forgot to take pics of my dinner, went to my favorite restaurant for dinner, North, with a friend for Girls Night Out…I had one piece of bread, a handful of zucca chips (zucchini chips), 2 pieces of thin pizza, about a cup of spaghetti (we shared)
Went to see Crazy Stupid Love, wasn’t hungry, but needed a sprite, drank probably half and had a handful of my friend’s popcorn.

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