Daily 8/15

Pre-workout: 1/2 a peach on my way to spin
Post-workout: chocolate milk (no pic)
Breakfast: Cole wanted pancakes…so we had to go to our favorite place!
egg white omelet w/veggies, turkey and salsa, sourdough toast, oj, bites of pancake
Ran some errands and then went to pick my mom up from the airport.  It was time for lunch, so we decided to head to Cheesecake Factory!
Lunch: (don’t judge me!) one piece of bread, half slider (mini hamburger), about 10 french fries dipped in ranch, 6 bites of fettuccine w/chicken and 2 stems of broccoli
forgot my phone, so no pic
Snack: needed some greens!!
and some protein
Dinner: had 3 slices of my leftover pizza from Friday night (thin crust)
again no pic
So if you haven’t noticed, I’m having a rough time at the moment.  Lots of stuff going on in my life!  I’m doing the best I can and trying to at least remember to document with pics although I have forgotten a lot!  I’m about to go on a week long trip with my hubby to Portland where we’ll be camping for half the time and probably eating the other half.  Portions…that’s what I’m trying to focus on, just remembering that if I’m going to have something that’s not necessarily that great for me, I just need to make sure it’s an appropriate portion.  August is going to be a rough month, but this to shall pass and we will move onward and upward!

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