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I thought I would post the difference between the 3 classes I was able to try with my 10 day pass at Sunstone Yoga.   This is what I learned from my experiment with hot yoga…I FREAKING LOVE IT!  I’ve been so used to high intensity and heavy weight lifting workouts that it was refreshing to get an amazing workout while feeling like I was calming my body and mind.  It was also interesting that in my session with my chiropractor this week he recommended I do yoga…well oh ho ho ho.   

Fire Series- this is their most popular class

Health & Vitality
Duration: 90 minutes
Temperature: ~98.6°
Humidity: ~60%
  The core class offering at Sunstone Yoga® is the Fire Series, which consists of 34 postures performed at a moderate pace over 90 minutes in a carefully controlled environment. The Fire Series is accessible to students at any level and provides all students from beginners to advanced with an ever expanding set of challenges and rewards.


Earth Series- this class had a Vinyasa flow to it and was challenging

Fitness & Flexibility
Duration: 60 minutes
Temperature: ~90°
Humidity: ~50%
  This is an energetic, detoxifying and exhilarating power yoga class. With dynamic movement and focused balance, this class appeals to all fitness minded students.


Metal Series- this class also had a Vinyasa flow to it and was VERY challenging!!

Stamina & Strength
Duration: 60 minutes + 30 minutes
Temperature: ~90°
Humidity: ~60%
  The Metal Series is conducted at a more vigorous pace than the Fire Series. Flowing continuously from one posture to the next, students find they are challenged to develop greater stamina and strength as they generate internal energy through movement and breath. Class closes with a 30 minute restorative Wood Series.

Wood Series- did this at the end of my Metal class today, didn’t really love it
Core Strengthening
Alignment & Method

Duration: 60 minute classes + 30 minutes
Temperature: ~90°
Humidity: ~60%
  This class is the core of our Pain Free Yoga™ methodology and comes in a 60 minute power class, and 30 minute restorative class. Utilizing isometric and active stretching techniques combined with core strengthening movements, this class is a must for all students.        
 Water Series- DIDN’T get to try this one, but really want to!
Mental & Physical Harmony
Duration: 90 minutes
Temperature: ~90°
Humidity: ~60%
Prerequisite: 5 Fire series Classes
  The Fire Series postures are performed to music in subdued lighting. Once you become familiar with the basic postures of our core offering, this series frees your mind to explore the mental and physical benefits of yoga. The selection of music progressively awakens the whole brain and facilitates a deeply satisfying and harmonious union of the physical body with the creative mind.

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