Deja Vu….weekend recap

Seems like it was a long weekend…looking at Lexy and Carman’s posts make me long for some normalcy in my life.  I wish I had my own house, my own food, and cooked all my own meals so that I can get back to my old habits and food choices.  It’s harder here.  I have more people around me that affect food decisions, we have friends we haven’t seen forever that we are going out to dinner with a lot, and no one in my family is on or will ever go on WW, so I don’t have the support that I did in Texas.  Plus I’m pregnant so that adds a whole other set of stresses and things I can’t control.  I try to think back to the last time I lived with my parents which ironically was the last time I was pregnant and my husband was away with the beginning of his Army training.  The difference was I had a full-time job, no one but me to take care of, and my parents didn’t even really live here cause my dad worked out of state.  So it wasn’t my house, but it was because I was alone most of the time.  So now I have to figure how I can get a balance of what I had last time I lived here and what I had when we lived in Texas and make it work.


FRIDAY we finished up some last minute errands that Keller needed to get done before leaving.  We dropped Cole off at school and then went out to breakfast to a local’s favorite called the “No Worries Cafe”.

Breakfast: “The Hack Attack”- scrambled egg whites (my addition) with ham, spinach, onions, peppers, tomato’s, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese on top of hash browns with a side of sourdough toast and oj

Headed to Salt Lake to do our errands and then met my parents to see the movie 50/50 (PS really good movie, vulgar conversations-but what do you expect it’s Seth Rogen- if you could take all that crap out it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile).  We didn’t have time to have lunch so we stopped and grabbed a tuna sandwich from one of my favorite bakeries Kneaders, and snuck them into the movie.  Good thing there weren’t a lot of people in the theater because we didn’t even think of the smell of a TUNA sandwich…oh well, they were delicious!  Also had some of their parmesan chips which are like kettle chips except with parmesan cheese…oh and I might have had a cinnamon roll…AHHH I blame Keller.

After the movie we picked Cole up from school and came home and Keller and Cole had bike races down my parents driveway.  For dinner Keller picked a favorite restaurant of ours up here in PC called Maxwells.  They have delicious pizza, french fries, salads, and cookizzas (which is cooke dough baked in a mini pizza pan).

Keller and I shared a strawberry spinach salad

Everyone shared an order of fries

And a Hawaiian style pizza that had italian sausage instead of ham (this is their regular size pizza)

SATURDAY- no pics today, phone was dead

We met my sister’s family at Corner Bakery for breakfast so that they could see Keller before he left.

Breakfast: Farmer’s scramble w/egg whites and wheat toast

Took Keller to the airport, no crying involved, we’re used to this!  Headed to the mall to do some errands for my sister and mom.  Cole spotted a Chipotle and started going crazy asking for rice and beans so I got a chicken burrito bowl rice, beans, chicken, peppers, lettuce, side a guac and we shared.  Went back to my parents and everyone took a nap.  Cole was so tired from the long month and a half we’ve had he slept for 3.5 hours.  Watched a little of the BYU game, had some leftovers, watched a movie with Cole and then went back to bed. A pretty low key day.


Breakfast: gluten-free waffle w/1TB PB and a cup of oj  8

Went to church.  I don’t know what my deal is lately at church, but I get soooo hungry like an hour after I get there.  So I’ve learned to bring snacks.

Snack: 3

Snack: balance bar (no pic) 5

Home from church, grabbed a Chobani yogurt (3) before heading out to go on a hike with a friend.  The colors are getting so gorgeous here and the temp was perfect!

I don’t know what my deal was though, I fell twice on the trail coming down, the first one I caught myself on my bum, the second I wasn’t so lucky and had to catch myself with my hands and knees.  My pride was hurt more than anything, just a few scrapes and bruises.  Came home and took a bath.  I was starting to feel the effects of falling.

Lunch: wheat bread, turkey, muenster cheese broiled w/avocado and a peach and some Sun Chips, but Cole ate most of them 12

I thought that was going to be my dinner which is why it was so high in points, but I forgot we were going down to my sister’s house for chili.

Dinner: salad, fruit, and a small serving of turkey chili 5

Dessert: mom made this amazing apple crumble, had a small serving w/ice cream and then another 😉

Came home and went to bed at 9!  Hoping for a great week ahead with a little bit of detoxing!


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