Do You Work Out To Punish Yourself?

This was my random thought during my spin class this morning. I’m sure you understand what I mean when I say that one thought will pop into my head and then that leads to another thought… and another…. and then I’m wishing I was sitting in front of my computer typing away about a concept. With that in mind… here is my mind at work during spin class…

I started out thinking how good I felt after yesterday’s work out. I was able to get in a good 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by an awesome Body Pump class. At the end of class is when I realized I am now lifting a lot more weight than I had been at my previous gym. Feeling good about that work out and realization… I stuck to my Points Plus target for Weight Watchers throughout the day yesterday. I was planning to meet up with some new friends to learn to play Rook. Knowing that I had “earned” 14+ activity points, I knew I had some wiggle room when it came to snacking at the get together. Although I did “okay”…. I’m pretty sure I blew right through those measly 14+ points…

(This plate X2 or 3… but who’s counting?)

I got home pretty late last night (for me getting home after midnight on a week night is late). I got in bed around midnight-thirty. My alarm went off at 6am because my son had left me a note saying he needed a new composition book and HAD to have it for school this morning. He joined me at the store bright and early. After getting back home, I got the boys out the door and off to school and then I headed to the gym for spin. In the beginning of class the fans were off and it was unusually stagnant in the room. I was claustrophobic and not really “feeling” the work out. Carman hopped off her bike and turned the fans on and I instantly felt relief… thx!

This is when my mind started to wonder…. I started out thinking I needed a good work out after my splurge last night. And then I started wondering if I am the only one that sometimes thinks that I have to punish myself for eating. Then I started to think I am being crazy and obsessive again and I needed to just relax and get into the work out. Somewhere around the half way point of class…. I started “feeling it!” I was pushing myself and really enjoying it. I then realized that I DO NOT work out to punish myself…. but I workout because it really does feel so good! With every effort that I make… I am making physical… tangible changes to my body. They have been SLOW changes…. but over time… noticeable changes. I am building my cardiovascular endurance, I am building muscle mass, I am shaping and toning my body. When I start my day with an awesome work out…. it sets the tone for the day. It helps me to make better choices. Working out and eating healthy go hand in hand. And I just have to say … it is a STRESS release! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to work out… and to attend classes at the gym.

This is a comparison pic of me.  The summer of 2006 I participated in a marathon relay weighing approximately 170 to 175 lbs?  Maybe even 165?  I need to look up the date to get a better number….  And the second pic is from August 2011 weighing approximately 132 lbs.  The YEARS and days in between these two pictures were taken…. I spent a LOT of time on the elliptical machine, the treadmill, running, lifting weights, attending classes at the gym, and trying to figure out Weight Watchers.  My days were far from perfect, but over time, I saw changes.  THAT is why I work out!

WHY DO YOU WORK OUT??? (Somebody out there better answer this question…. I’m started to feel like no one reads this…)

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About Lexy

40 years old, "stay at home mom" to 2 boys (ages 16 and 14), wife to a chiropractic kinesiologist! I love blogging and learning new ideas. I follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus program and enjoy working out. I have run 2 full 26.2 mile marathons and 3 half marathons... and many 10k and 5k's. I love taking BodyPump classes and lifting weights. Working out has always been fun for me, but I struggle with eating healthy. Blogging has introduced me to a world of healthy eaters... When I first started WW... I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat! I didn't like cooking and I am not the kind of person that can just throw things together. There are tons of ideas out there and I love finding new and fun ones that I feel like I am capable of making myself!

4 thoughts on “Do You Work Out To Punish Yourself?

  1. Lori

    Haha, I read your posts, Lexy, and I thoroughly enjoy them! I’m not a big commenter, but I think you, Carman, Cyndi, and Claretta are all so funny, sweet, and easy to relate to. Thanks to you all for sharing your tips and experiences–you help me stay motivated. You’re doing a good thing, and I appreciate it.

    I work out because it makes me feel great as well. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three little boys, so I also enjoy the little bit of “me” time that working out gives me each day.

    1. Lexy

      Thanks Lori! :) I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!! It is always so nice to have feedback.
      I definitely love the “me” time that I get while working out. There is nothing like going for an early morning run!! Early Saturday morning running is my favorite! :)

  2. Aggie

    Hi Lexy,

    Usually I just read blogs and never comment but thought I would comment today since you put a shout out to your readers. I have been reading your blog for about a month and look forward to your posts. I am following weight watchers as well so it is motivating to read about success stories with the program. I have lost 40 and have 20 more to go. Love your idea of tortilla pizzas using turkey pepperoni, it has been a twice a week meal for me lately.

    As to your question about exercise, I do it because it makes me feel good. Even if I can only fit in a thirty minute walk, I try to do something everyday. And you are so right about the changes in your body if you stick with it. The past month or so the scale has not been my friend, even though I am following the program. However, I have dropped another dress size so I must be losing inches. The scale will catch up in time.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts and to keep up the good work.

  3. Lexy

    Congrats on your 40# loss so far!! That is awesome!! :)
    I just now finished up a tortilla pizza for dinner… I added some squirts of olive oil and sprinkled pepper on top after in was done cooking… super yummy!! I’ve been trying to add the healthy oils to my routine lately… I never really focused on that before.
    Thanks so much for commenting! And keep up the good work! So exciting for you!


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