I’m experimenting to see how good this works. I’m blogging from my WordPress app on my iPhone because my Mac is sitting next to me totally dead and the charger is upstairs and I’m too lazy to get it!
I’m supposed to be holding down the fort on the blog while Carman and Lexy play girl scouts in Louisiana, but I’m not doing such a great job.



Lexy took the picture of the squirrel, afraid it was stalking her. I suggested a shotgun to take care of the problem, carman corrected me (silly city girl) you need a .22 so you can kill it, skin it, and eat it. I literally almost threw up after reading her suggestion!
I’m getting ready to move back to Texas next week and even though I came with only a Tahoe full of stuff 9 months ago, I will be leaving with a Tahoe full of stuff AND a 10’x12′ trailer!!
This is how my weeks have been going lately…do awesome counting points, drinking my body by vi shakes, weigh Friday lose weight, cheat Friday, Saturday, Sunday back on Monday. Why do I do this? Eventually it’s going to catch up to me I know it. Plus I end up feeling like crap by Sunday night. I need to think of better weight loss rewards other than food!
My P90X2 continues…I have this week and next left of phase 2 then a rest week thank goodness. It’s perfect timing too because my rest week will be the week of my move, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting much rest!
I want to give a shout out and thank you to Earth Balance. They sent us some of their coconut peanut butters to try being that we FLF girls love our peanut butter!!

And here are my Fire Bites…
Sunday: I only took 3 pics, that’s how you know it was bad, lots not included!!

Monday: back on track, started the day w/chest, back, and balance followed by ab ripper

My new nemesis…Ben and Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt blueberry and graham cracker flavor…oh my gosh so good and so bad. It’s like having 1/2 cup of full on ice cream (like blue bell) so I only allow myself bites, until maybe Friday and if I lose weight again I might eat half the container!!
Tuesday: plyocide

Wednesday: I usually go to hot yoga on Wednesday’s but I’m going tomorrow so today I did shoulders and arms followed by ab ripper

So I apologize now if you don’t hear from me a lot over the coming weeks. I’m excited to finally get settled back in Austin. Try not to eat any squirrels while I’m away 😉

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