False labor contractions suck!


I hate springing forward!  Sleep is very important to me.  It didn’t help that I started having pretty regular and noticeable contractions before I even went to sleep that continued throughout the night.

Breakfast: protein waffle (Cole wanted Mickey Mouse waffles) and a green greek smoothie

Headed off to church.  My contractions started getting more noticeable to the point that I started timing them and realized they were about 2-3 minutes apart.  I wasn’t really sure what to do cause I was induced with Cole so I really didn’t know what all is supposed to happen when you go into labor.  So I started texting my friend Taryn who is finishing nursing school and currently do her OB rotation at the hospital.  In the end we determined since they weren’t getting more intense and I had no other signs, it was probably false labor.

Snack at church:

I wasn’t really starving like I usually am after church, I think I was more preoccupied with knowing whether or not I was in labor so I just grabbed some sourdough toast with peanut butter and jam.

I made my mom paint my toes in case I was in labor, cause hello it’s very important to have pretty toes while giving birth.  My sister and her family came up and brought us a delicious dinner of chicken, broccoli, rolls, and fruit.

Took a nice long bath…which ps in case anyone reading this is pregnant…really does help ease contractions.  Then had a small bowl of half the fat mint cookie ice cream.


Still having contractions so I called my doctor first thing this morning to see if I could get in to see her.  I had to miss my spin class, but I figured it was probably ok 😉  Of course everything was fine, I’m not in labor…as of now.

Breakfast: piece of sourdough bread w/pb and jam

Keller and I headed down to Salt Lake to get the rest of the stuff we needed for the baby.  I got a massage first, it was fabulous!  Spent the rest of the day going to a few different baby stores getting the carseat and a few other little things.  We stopped by Chipotle for lunch.

Lunch: brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, chicken, pico, lettuce, side of guac and sour cream (didn’t end up using)

Snacked on some Starburst jelly beans while we were running around.  Picked up Cole and headed home.  Since we didn’t get to workout this morning we decided to go to the gym tonight.  They had a 6pm spin class and in case you wondered spin class does NOT ease contractions.  But it felt good anyway.

Dinner: wasn’t feeling like dinner food so I had BFD…Protein Pancake and Green Greek Smoothie

And now I need a snack!

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