First challenge down!!

Wow 90 days went by fast!!  I can’t believe I almost have a 6-month-old.  I just wanted to do a quick update on the end of my first challenge.  So on 3/25/12 I weighed in at 202, I would like to say the largest I’ve ever been, but I weighed more when I was pregnant with Cole.  On Monday June 18th at 174 pounds I started my Body by Vi 90-day challenge.  At first I wasn’t really into drinking 2 shakes per day.  I love food and didn’t want to drink my meals.  So I incorporated them into my Weight Watchers point plus plan and mostly had the shake after my workouts.  I loved all the different recipes you could make, but mostly just made a Green Greek Vi Smoothie which consisted of:

1/2C water, 2C spinach, 1C frozen fruit, 1/2C greek yogurt, 2 scoops of Vi-Shape mix.

At the halfway mark I had lost 12 pounds down to 162.  So I thought hey if it’s working with 1 shake per day, I wonder how awesome it would be with 2 shakes a day.  So I started having 2 (1 usually as my post workout and 1 either mid afternoon or in the evening).  That was until I learned how to make the delicious Vi pancake!!  Now I eat a pancake after my workout and have my Green Greek Vi shake in the afternoon.  At the 90-day mark I was down another 9 for a total loss of 21 pounds on the challenge and 49 pounds total.

I can’t even believe it myself.  I feel so awesome and love/hate the fact that none of my clothes fit.

I still have 3 pounds to go until I reach my Weight Watchers goal and 13 to my ultimate goal.  It’s a process and I know it’s not going to happen overnight.  I love my shakes, I love changing up my workouts, and I love finally feeling like my hard work has paid off!


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