Friday Shopping in Canton!

I forgot to tell y’all a funny thing that happened yesterday within the first hour we got to Canton and were shopping. We made our way down the first aisle of our first pavilion and I am looking around like a kid in a candy store at all there is to see.  As I walk by I hear a lady say – “Well we see that you’re missing Weight Watchers today too?!”  I looked around and these two ladies that attend the same WW meeting we do on Thursday mornings are standing there smiling and laughing!!! I can’t believe they had recognized me out of a CROWD! It was so funny!!  Made me realize that you NEVER KNOW who you may run into wherever you may be…….or who is watching you!!!! haha!


I set my alarm to get up and head down to the little rinky-dink exercise room in the hotel before my mom & sister got up and we needed to get ready. I went with the intention of doing some elliptical and  then intervals on the treadmill……..but I got down there and the elliptical would not even come on……and so figured I would just run on the treadmill.

I figured out real quick that this was not gym-grade exercise equipment!!! The treadmill belt was slipping while I was running but I decided to just stick with it and be extra cautious so I could get a quick and fast cardio workout in. About 7 minutes into it the treadmill just shut completely off and almost threw me off!  So I decided to start it up back up again and better to be safe than sorry decided to just stick with walking an incline – level 10 on this treadmill was like a level TWO on the treadmill at the gym. It was a joke. So I figured I would just walk faster to get and keep my heart rate up. About 7 minutes into it the daggum things shuts off AGAIN!!!!!!  I decided that was enough of that and went to plan B of a circuit training workout instead.

Did 10 burpees to catch me up on Days 1, 2, 3, 4 of our Burpee Challenge

Then did 25 reps of each of these:

Jumping Jacks

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Plie’ squats

Alternating Lunges

Ice Skaters

Incline press – 20lbs

Called it good after that! I was proud of myself for getting up and attempting somewhat of a workout – even though it didn’t turn out like I had planned. Was glad I got something in!

Then it was time to go get ready for more shopping and walking!


breakfast – my oatmeal from home w/banana and some of the hotel breakfast sausage & eggs – 10?


It was a gorgeous, brisk, chilly mornin!


‘The Perfect S’more’ sample – 3??


finally gave into my craving of a corn dog since arriving yesterday. It was ok but not what I had imagined it tasting like. I hate it when that happens. :(  -6


lunch – ‘healthiest’ thing I could find – chicken fajita pita – 6. I had them add lettuce and tomatoes to try and get more veggies in. I cannot stand ‘white/light green’ lettuce.  It was not all that great. I wish I had just gotten a hamburger instead. c

mid-afternoon snack while still walking around – chocolate chex mix I brought -4


my sister and I got these and split them on the way home – I had 2 of these mini cookies – 2


we all 3 shared these potato wedges -6 {did you know an order of these is 18 points plus?!!!!}


was super tired and getting snacky- 1


we stopped at an ole’ family favorite place of ours called Catfish King. I haven’t eaten at this place in probably 15 years and it did not taste like I remembered.  My sister and I split this spicy catfish dinner. I ate the catfish, hushpuppies, and french fries. Coleslaw was no where near good. We were all 3 disappointed at how bad it tasted. :(


once we got to my mom’s it was almost 10pm and she convinced me to crash at her house and just get up early to drive my 2 hours home. I didn’t argue cause I was exhausted.

had bedtime snack cause that crappy catfish dinner did NOT satisfy.  -5


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