2 more loops on our chain

Getting excited!

1 night, 1 day, and 1 night until my hubby comes home…AHHHH!!  I’m so excited.  And so is this one!!  Only 2 more links on our chain.

This is what is used to look like!


Started the day out at spin class with my sister.  The teacher that usually teaches my buns and guns class was teaching it and I really liked her as a spin teacher.  Didn’t get a pre-workout snack in.

Post-workout while skyping with Daddy: the usual, protein pancake and a green smoothie  6pts

Took Cole to the rec center to get out some energy and then met up with Grammy and Papa for lunch at Kneader’s.

Lunch: 1/2 tuna sandwich, a serving of chips, a couple bites of the most delicious brownie in the world!  16pts

Off to the pool for swim lessons.

Snack: clementines and Balance Bar  5pts

And then to Taekwondo.

Dinner: pork chop, orzo, broccoli  7pts


Took Cole to school and came home for some breakfast.

The usual!

Did some yoga…decided against doing the prenatal cause I needed not to feel like crawling back into bed.

Lunch before heading to the hospital: leftover 1/2 tuna sandwich, serving of chips, another bite or 2 of brownie and some carrots

Volunteering was a little boring today, it was slow and made the time go by very slowly!

Snack after picking up Cole: so here’s the deal I started with 5 red vines, moved onto Trader Joe’s peanut butter crackers, some Trader Joe’s butter almond thins, and ended with my spoon in the Dreyer’s half the fat mint cookies and cream

So the worst part is that I still wasn’t full after all that snacking and I still ate dinner.  I would say this was not falling off the wagon, it was crashing the wagon and it bursting into flames.  But it’s ok, cause here’s what I learned:

1.  These things happen and we move on

2.  I felt totally sick and never want to do this again

Dinner: leftover chicken salad with shrimp and orzo


Cole woke up WAY too early today and for some reason I was starving.

Pre-workout: Nature’s Path GF waffle w/PB

Buns and Guns class…we had a sub today and I really liked her.  She did a totally body circuit, followed by a minute of cardio, and then an ab move.  I did a lot of modifying, but it was an awesome workout!

Grabbed a Muscle Milk light for a post-workout while Cole and I went to get him a haircut.  Finally he doesn’t look like a hobo!

Lunch: Protein Pancake and green smoothie

Took the boys to skiing and then went to finally get my pedicure I received for Christmas.  It was lovely, took an hour and a half cause the guy was new, but it was still lovely.  It was snowing by the time I got out, and it’s not awesome to wear flip flops in snow!  Papa helped pick up the boys so I didn’t have to mess up my toe polish.

Snack: apple

Off to taekwondo with 2 tired boys.

Dinner: Cafe Rio Thursday, steak salad, tried to just eat the meat, lettuce, and pico, had a little bit of the tortilla and some rice, no beans


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