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Halloweeny Weekend Recap

Sorry for slacking on my blogging!  Here’s my weekend recap:


Woke up early and met my sister and nieces and nephew for my nephew’s soccer game in the frickin cold.  I should have taken of pic of us all bundled up trying not to freeze to death.

Breakfast: asiago bagel w/reduced fat cream cheese and orange juice 13pts

Cole and I had lots of errands and waited a little too long before having lunch cause we were saving ourselves until we got to Chipotle.  We were starved by the time we ate!

Lunch: Chipotle burrito bowl (shared 1/3 with Cole) chicken, black beans, rice, fajita veggies, pico, lettuce, guac (shared with Cole he ate 3/4 not even kidding!) and 6 chips 13pts

Snacked on grapes until our ward Trunk or Treat.  They had chili, corn bread, and salad.  I had maybe 1/4C of the chili, Cole ate most of it, 1 piece of corn bread and salad. 4pts

Cole had a blast being the Hulk.  After we got around to all the cars, we went back to our car and Cole ate his candy and said “Happy Halloween” while I handed out the candy.  He had a great time!


After the trunk or treat we went to my sister’s house, she made a CPK frozen pizza and salad.  I had 3 pieces and some more salad.  10pts

Over the course of the night I snacked on small bag of Skittles, 2 tootsie rolls, 2 twizzler pull-n-peel and a box of dots. 7pts



We went to my sister’s ward to see the primary program.  Grabbed a bagel w/cc on the way out to eat in the car and Cole ended up eating half of it.  After the program we went out to eat at Corner Bakery.

Breakfast: split a cinnamon roll with my nieces and sister, half a veggie panini, cup of tomato basil soup (ate half) 17pts yikes!


Got home and went on a walk with my friend Taryn.  We walked up “the hill”.  +6pts When I got home Cole who was supposed to be in bed taking a nap, but apparently he was not sleepy and he really wanted to go on a walk.

So I grabbed a snack apple and 1 TBS PB.

And then we walked the hill…again!  +4pts  Cole walked the entire hill all by himself, it took a little bit longer but I was seriously impressed.

I made dinner marinated flank steak, Alexia sweet potato fries, strawberry spinach salad and some flatbread with parmesan.  14pts

phone died

I was also craving some WW oatmeal cookies…I’m not sure what happened,  I guess I put too much flour in them because they were as hard as rocks!  But that didn’t stop me from eating 4!  8pts



HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  Started the day off right with a spin class.  I hadn’t been to spin since I was in Houston and I missed it so much!  It’s such a good workout and when the music is good it just makes it a fun class.  +12pts

Pre-workout: wheat toast w/PB 5pts

Post-workout: 1/2 muscle milk 2pts

Lunch: protein pancake and green smoothie  5pts

Did some errands and took a nap.  Woke up and had to make cornbread for dinner.  I turned it into cornbread muffins with honey butter.

Snack: Chobani 3pts

Went to my sister’s house for dinner and to take the kids trick or treating.  She made delicious chili.

Dinner: 1C chili sprinkled w/cheese, 2 cornbread muffins w/honey butter, caesar salad.  17pts

And of course I had to sample the goodies while we were TOT’ing.  Had about 12pts in candy.

The crew…Hazelhontas, Grace Flamenco Dancer, Spidey Justice, Cole Hulk, Buzz Will

Cole scored!!

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