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Hangin out in Texas Blue Bell Country!!

Woke up this morning and threw my workout clothes on right away so I wouldn’t get too busy and not make it to the gym. I think I still need a few nights and naps of really good sleep to feel refreshed again. Maybe I’ll get to that little project soon! :/

Had a pre-workout breakfast of banana and 1tsp pb – 1



Met up with Lexy at the gym for some easy cardio since we are doing the Blue Bell Fun Run tomorrow.

Did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and 30 mins at level 10 incline on the treadmill +4


Came home and made a green protein smoothie right away!  -2

1 scoop of Dymatize ISO 100 whey protein, water, frozen banana, and 2 huge handfuls of spinach and blend 😉


quick ‘lunch’ of a ZonePerfect on the way to Dr. Hinsons office for a treatment for this jacked up body- 5


Came home and only had about 45 minutes to pack for our overnight road trip to Brenham. Its amazing how frazzled I can get trying to pack for overnight more than a long trip. What’s up with that?! Weird!! Lexy and Tammy came and picked me up and we swung by to pick up Claretta and we were on our way!

goldfish snack on the road – 3pts+


Welcome to Blue Bell Ice Cream Country!!!! :) :) I’ve wanted to do this run since we moved here 4 years ago!!! I am soooo happy to be able to finally get to be here!!!


We checked into our *lovely* motel…definitely NOT Cyndi approved!!! :)

We had an issue with our room key and so Aunt Jackie said we had to go take care of it!! This is our ‘Don’t Mess With Southern Girls’ look! 😉

After getting that all taken care of then we all piled into Charman’s car to pick up our race packets and drive and check out the hilly route.


Picking up our race packets


YAY!!! So exciting! I RUN for Ice Cream! :) I shoulda had shirts made!!! Dangit!! Will have to do that for next year!


After driving the route we headed over to Applebee’s – I’ve been wanting to check out their Weight Watchers menu choices.

It took me FOREVER to decide on what I wanted to order – mainly cause I haven’t eaten there in years and a big part is that I was STARVING! So everything sounded good!

They all made fun of me for taking too long!


Jackie and I


Our awesome friend Tammy is with us (check out her AWESOME story HERE) and she surprised us and had us cracking up with her HUGE bottle of salsa she whipped outta her purse to be prepared for dinner out…..

…….now that’s HARDCORE!!!!


Dinner – I chose one of their dishes under 500 calories – the Grilled Dijon Chicken with Portobello and Potatoes for 12pts+ It was really good!!! Also had 2 Diet Pepsi’s with lemon


I tried one bite of Jackie’s pasta and garlic bread – 1


For dessert we had to drive through McDonalds for a vanilla cone cause there are NO froyo places for 30 miles!! -4


Came back to the room to get ready for tomorrow morning. My sister, Charman, brought Glenny’s brownies and I had to try one! SOOO GOOD!!!!! -2

Total Daily – 30

Activity earned – 4


Looking forward to more FUN tomorrow!!!! :)

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