my Valentines date

Happy Valentine’s ;)


*5 mile run with the gals  +8

post run/breakfast – green protein smoothie – used a scoop and a half of protein – 3

** A COOL trick I learned on Pinterest – that you can use a mason jar as your blender cup!!!  dump everything in the jar you wanna blend – screw on the blender blade and bottom, blend and then wahhlahhh – drink straight out of the jar!!  :)  I guess we could call this the Redneck Magic Bullet!!! bahahaha! 😉

Since my hubby is leaving town SUPER early Tuesday he took the lil man out for donuts for breakfast for Valentines 😉

he texted me this picture while they were gone and said they were sad that I wasn’t there……awwwwww 😉


Then my hubby took me out for our Valentine’s date – we went to see the new movie The Vow


we shared some movie popcorn (w/out butter) and a Coke Zero – 4

I also had a Zone bar during the movie as my ‘candy’  – 5

late lunch while catching up on our show at home – grilled cheese with turkey, a cheese stick (not pictured) & carrots – 7


when the girls all got home he took the them on a Daddy/Daughters valentines date to Berrylicious for some yummy fro yo 😉

dinner I made french bread pizza made from a WM bakery multi-grain loaf toasted and then topped with sauce, turkey pepperoni and cheese – 5

Valentines dessert was our traditional chocolate fondue that my kids request and love!  melted chocolate with toffee bits on top

we had a Family Home Evening lesson on Loving others and ourselves before indulging in dessert 😉


I had a few bites of the homemade brownies while making them and so during dessert I just had bananas dipped in chocolate



*Up at 4am to take my hubby to the airport :(

breakfast – oatmeal with bananas – 3


snack – 5


ate my valentines candy from my hubby while running errands – 4


stopped by my girls school for a few minutes during their Valentines class parties


snack – 3

made these cute Valentines treats I saw on Pinterest the other day for my kids after school/Valentines snack

dinner – protein waffle with cinnamon cool whip and my daddy’s deer/pork link sausage



low key day – watched a friend of mines 2 cute little ones for several hours so I got to piddle and get some organizing done while they played so well together.

oatmeal with cinnamon – 4

snack – 5


getting too tired and lazy to fix anything for lunch – grabbed these – 4


cleaned out my fridge and freezer as part of my to do list and found some veggie beef soup I had forgotten about. It hit the spot since I’ve been feeling pretty crappy with this sinus mess. – 3


snacked on a few of these – have no idea how many points – need to figure that out……..

snack on the way to see my awesome Applied Kinesiologist 😉 -5


1/2 cup chicken tortilla soup with chips – 5

*do NOT try this at home!!!!  (confessional) I was getting ready to eat a pear and then just decided I wanted Fro Yo instead – ended up with just the spoon in the 1/2 gallon container by the night light in the kitchen. Ate several bites until I felt ‘satisfied’ and then put it away.  oh well. guess the loneliness / stress took over me. :/ I need to stay out of the kitchen at night.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and our WW meeting – really trying to get back into the habit of weighing in weekly.

I’m also trying to get back into the habit of logging in my daily points used and activity points earned in my Weight Watchers app. When I did it this way before it was a great tool for me to ‘see’ the numbers add up and subtract away from my totals each day and see how it effected my weight loss. Its gonna take me a couple weeks to get used to doing this again.  I realize from logging it in this way this week that I didn’t get to earn as many activity points this week due to missing several days of working out – and that I need to try harder to stick to the new 26 daily points. Having a hard time wrapping my brain around 3 points+ LESS a day…..shouldn’t be that hard…..but for some reason it is.


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