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Hotel R & R ;)

a low key day for me today……..;)

We had breakfast in the hotel – ate potatoes, bacon, & fruit while waiting on my omelet to get done. only ate one bite of the donut.

omelet with mushrooms, bacon, peppers, & onions

*dropped my hubby off at his class and then came back to the hotel to get my gym stuff and head down to workout. I had to come up with a workout plan cause I had days 12-19 to catch up on burpees – had to pull out my calculator to figure up how many that would be………12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19 = 124 burpees!!!!!!! geezzzzzz. I dreaded it.

So to break it up {and not feel like I was gonna DIE today doing just burpees} I decided to do 5 minutes of a cardio machine in between each set of burpees. So this is what my workout ended up being:

Warm up- Jumping jacks
5 mins elliptical
12 burpees
5 min inclines
13 burpees
5 mins bike
14 burpees
5 mins elliptical
15 burpees
5 mins inclines/running
16 burpees
5 mins bike
17 burpees
5 mins elliptical
18 burpees
5 min inclines
19 burpees
5mins inclines


NEVER again will I get behind on my burpees!!!!!!! The next time I do 100 burpees will be on DAY 100!!!!!  I was SMOKED after that workout!! Overall it ended up being a little over an hour – with 45 mins of cardio and 124 burpees – have no idea how many activity points burpees earn…….??

showered and got dressed  – drank half of this protein shake before heading out to pick up Court for lunch.


We decided on Ruby Tuesday cause it was literally right next to the Crossfit place. I can’t remember the last time I ate at a Ruby Tuesday. I researched their menu while waiting for him to get released for lunch. They have a Fit & Trim menu and now serve spaghetti squash!!! I was sooooo excited! I ordered the grilled salmon with spaghetti squash and sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegerette. It was super good! Court ordered spaghetti squash marinara with zucchini and grilled chic hen. I loved his with the marinara. Super fresh and healthy!

I came back to the hotel to hang out and just relax for a few hours. Have to admit it was pretty weird but sweet. I can’t remember if I’ve ever stayed at a hotel and just hung out all day there. Usually when we stay at a hotel its to sleep for the night while on the road or we’re out sightseeing. It was actually really nice.


I flipped through channels for the first hour – only because we don’t have cable at home so it felt like a luxury to me! {doesn’t take much to please this one obviously!} 😉

I read my book for a little while.

took a power nap.

caught up readin

on some of the blogs I follow.

had a timely snack so I wouldn’t be starving by the time we got to the restaurant for dinner.

listened and watched videos on Country Network on TV. where I heard this song for the first time!!

then curled my hair {just because!}.

Picked up my hubby for dinner.

We had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory -YUM!!!!  We skipped the bread so we could enjoy our cheesecake later. We did split an order of our FAV appetizer, the Avocado Egg Rolls!! Soo good!!! LOVE the sauce that comes with these!

I had a fun time reading the stats from Hungry Girl about the Cheesecake Factory to Courtney while we waited on our food – we were blown away at how many calories are in most of the dishes there!

We tried the dish Lexy had when they went for their anniversary – I had the Asian version of the Chicken  Lettuce Wrap Tacos from their SkinnyLicious menu and Courtney had the Mexican version. It was SOOOOOOO good!!!  Mine came with a spicy Thai-like dipping sauce and also the same cilantro sauce that comes with the avocado egg rolls….LOVED all the flavors……it was SUPER yummy!!!!  And perfectly satisfying too!!!! I told Court that this would probably be the first time we walked out of that restaurant feeling SATISFIED instead of stuffed!!!  So we’re marking that as progress!!!! 😉

we each got our fav cheesecake to go…….I got the new Hershey Chocolate bar cheesecake and Courtney got the Ultimate Red Velvet cheesecake. I fed him several bites of mine on the way back to the hotel so I probably ate 1/2-2/3 of it. It was SOOOOO GOOD. YUM-OO!!!!




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