Houston Texans *TJ Yates* Inspires!

The Houston Texans have won the AFC South Division!!! I’m not sure how many/if any of you have even heard of this story… but it’s pretty amazing! The Texans Number 1 quarterback Matt Schaub is out for the rest of the season due to an injury… so they had to rely on the back up quarterback Matt Leinart. There was lots of speculation as to whether or not he would be able to fill the shoes of Schaub. The pressure was definitely on. Two quarters into the game, Leinart went down with a broken collar bone and had to be removed from the game. The Texans turned to their 3rd string quarterback TJ Yates, the only remaining QB on the roster! Get this…. he had never played in an NFL game in his life! And this was the first game he had even suited up for!!! He helped the Texans hold on to win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was amazing!! For the next game against the Atlanta Falcons, none of the sports media thought the inexperienced Yates could get another win…. But he DID!!

Quoting Shaun Bijani of Sports Radio 610, “It was damn near impossible to predict what type of game Yates was going to have in making his first ever NFL start, yet some, including myself, didn’t think he had it in him. I’ll stand corrected, and applaud those proud Texans fans, whom I dubbed over-confident, unrealistic and flat-out dumb for thinking a 3rd string QB was going to come in and lead the Texans to victory.”

His third game of his NFL career was a nail biter!!! They were playing “away” in Cincinnati and the Bengals were winning 19-13 with two minutes remaining. Remember… winning this game would mean that the Texans would go to the play offs for the first time in franchise history….


“The fifth-round draft pick led the most important drive in Texans history on Sunday, taking Houston 80 yards in little more than 2 minutes with no timeouts against the Cincinnati Bengals. His 6-yard touchdown pass with 2 seconds left gave Houston a 20-19 win and a division championship.” The Washington Post – AP

So awesome!!!

“If your like me, and thought that Sunday was going to result in T.J. Yates experiencing a day in which a harsh dose of reality was going to slap him and the Texans in the face…stop trying to predict the unpredictable!” – Sports Radio 610 – Bijani

My husband has been a huge Texans fan “from the beginning”….. and he has been on cloud 9. I have to admit that it has been pretty motivational to watch TJ Yates play. Last week, I had to shed a tear when I saw his mother in the stands. I can only imagine what she must be feeling for her son!! *Mom in the red hat*


So…. life lessons from football???  I think so!!!  There is no way that TJ Yates would have been ready for those games if he had not been prepared!! He is conditioned, knows the plays, is capable, talented, lucky, composed, courageous, determined, AND in the right place at the right time!

LUCK: when preparation meets opportunity!!!  And he delivered!!!

This has definitely been “Christmas” for Torry…. after years of agonizing defeats… “his” Texans are in the play offs for the first time AND he had the chance to meet a Houston Oiler legend Dan Pastorini….. the great Oilers QB from the “Love Ya Blue” era!!

Playoff Football + Football Legends = Greatest Christmas Ever! :)

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Today’s Fire Bites:

Peanut Butter before running 5 miles! – 1 (+8 for the run)

Came home and knocked out 47 burpees!

Protein Pancake W/ Blueberries – 5

Spent the day with Ty!   Zone Bar – 5

Samples at the mall – 5

Swiss Turkey Melt W/ Apple – 4

Fiber One Brownie – 2

Tortilla Pizza – 4

Strawberries – 0

What time is it??

(deep voice) Game Time!

Go Texans!



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