where's the driveway?

I can snow blow, but not snowboard…it’s wrong I tell you!

5-day recap…no excuses except that I’ve been lazy!


Pre-workout: 1

Buns and Guns +12

Post-workout: Muscle Milk Light and a delicious 10-pt bran muffin from Great Harvest 12

Took the boys to skiing , came home and pulled out the snow blower to clean up the driveway.  I will not be applying for any snow removal jobs anytime soon.

Snack/Lunch: 4

Picked up the boys and took them to taekwondo.  Met up with Michelle and the kids for dinner at Cafe Rio after.


Pre-workout: 1

Ran/walked intervals on the treadmill, 45 minutes total.  I’ve determined I can no longer do this. Spin is so much more low impact and the run/walking increases some pain that I have in my low extremities.

Post-workout: Protein Pancake 6

Enjoyed a 90-minute massage that my husband gave me for Christmas, and then took a lovely nap…talk about the best day ever!

Snack: 6

Picked up Cole from school and he asked if we could go get doughnuts.  Since I had to go to the store, I fulfilled his request.  Good thing we don’t live by a Krispy Kreme or this picture would have been of the 2 of us!

Dinner: rotisserie chicken, salad, and sourdough bread 8

Snack: 2 oatmeal cookies and apple w/pb


Breakfast: Nature’s Path GF waffle w/PB 5

Spent the morning cleaning the house for grammy!  It was snowing but not really sticking so we headed down to Salt Lake to do some errands.  Cole feel asleep in the car before we even hit the summit, he was sooo tired from all his hard work cleaning the house, I mean playing with his toys that morning.  I tried to take a picture but then thought better of attempting to take a picture of my sleeping son while driving in hazardous road conditions in a canyon.

Late Lunch: veggie sandwich and a cinnamon scone (I have been holding out for a long time for this scone and it was super delicious, tried to just eat half, but that didn’t happen!)

When we got to the mall the rain was coming down in sheets, sideways!  After driving around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot we made a run for the door.  By the time we got into Nordstrom we looked like we’d both just been in a shower.  When we left the mall it was snowing.  Seriously it hasn’t snowed for a month and I choose the worst weather day of the year to do my errands.

Heidi’s little girl Remy was having a birthday party, which meant playdate for Cole and Heidi’s older boys (and 8-10 other older cousins and friends).  It was a cookies and milk party, Heidi is so creative!  I was super proud of myself and only had 1 cookie out of all these yummy looking treats!

We stayed a little too long, by the time we got on the freeway to head home this is what is looked like.

The highway patrol was stopping every vehicle going up the canyon to make sure they had chains or 4-wheel drive.  I was very grateful for a 4×4 vehicle with new tires, the canyon was snow packed and there were lots of vehicles off on the side of the road.  Cole and I snacked on some goldfish while we were stopped.

Took us about an hour to get up to Park City, usually it takes 20min, but we made it safe and sound.  Stopped at a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Dinner: an egg roll which I got for Cole, but he didn’t like it, and neither did I really, 2 steamed pot stickers, brown rice, shrimp w/broccoli and some chicken low mein

PS I really don’t like Chinese food…I started not liking it after I was pregnant with Cole and guess what, I still don’t…don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but it makes me feel so gross after eating!  In case you cared 😉


Didn’t take any food pics today, only pics of all the new snow.

Had to pull out the snow blower again, luckily it died AFTER I finished the most important part of the driveway.  Today was the first day that I was actually really bummed I can’t go snowboarding!  Look at all that fresh powder!

And later that afternoon I found Cole waiting patiently for Grammy and Papa to get home…I am now officially chopped liver!


Had to go to the 8:30am spin class because of a dr.’s appointment and was pleasantly surprised that the teacher was my hardcore teacher subbing.

Post-workout: protein pancake and fruit 6

Went to my 30-week dr. appointment and just as she had predicted, the heart murmur was gone.  She still wants me to get the fetal cardio echo just to be safe, but it did make me feel much better.  Grabbed my favorite sandwich at Great Harvest for lunch.

Headed to the hospital to volunteer (I was filling in for a lady that filled in for me).

Snack at the hospital: 2 clementines and a Simply Fruit Roll-up 1

Dinner: 1C chili and salad  6

It started snowing again, thank goodness Dad is home now cause that means I’m off snow blowing duty!


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