Carman, Lexy, and Debbi

I Walk For Candi…. Literally! :)


I survived the Friday night Trunk Or Treat party with minimal damage.  I had great intentions of avoiding the candy and junk food over the weekend. Those little bite size candies are too hard to resist!!!  I love everything related to CANDY!!  Haha! I can’t help it!!!

Saturday morning we did a 5K walk to support Candi, a lady from church! Now this is the kind of Candi I should be supporting!  D’Feet Breast Cancer hosted a 5k and 10k as well, but we participated in the 5k walk portion.  It was a beautiful day.  If you would like more information or would like to donate, please visit their website HERE.


From their site: Please consider donating to D’Feet Breast Cancer, Inc. as your end of the year charitable donation. We continue to be run only by volunteers and all money raised stays in Galveston County and is used for our free screening mammogram and free follow up care program.

Send all donations to:

D’Feet Breast Cancer, Inc.
P.O. Box 3935
Galveston, Texas 77552

It was a great day to be out in Galveston with friends!
Cindy, Carman, Alexis, and Lexy

Lexy and Erin

Carman and Lexy

Carman, Lexy, and Debbi

My Fire Bites for the weekend! I really had good intentions… but I just CAVED!!!  The one thing I can say is that eating junk all day left me feeling unsatisfied and crappy!



Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie – 2


Grapes – 0

Zone Bar – 5

Here we go…… I made sure to document the train wreck….

Turkey Swiss Melt – 4

Cupcake that my son left in the fridge…. can’t blame him… but I just had to eat it!!!  -5


Oh, let me wash down that candy with some half the fat Ice Cream!! -9 (throughout the day I had 3 servings)

Threw in a few veggies and protein for good measure…. -7


Zone Bar on the way to church -5

Brownie at church -4

Turkey Swiss Melt W/ Spinach and Tomato… side of grapes -4

Pizza – 12

Cereal – 6 and some Gold Fish – 6

More of this stuff -6

Yes please….

Apple Crumble…

So that pretty much sums up my Junk Food Fest of a weekend!  Part of me is pretty disappointed in my choices and the other part of me doesn’t care.  I will have to admit that I’m nervous about the holiday season officially starting!  I am going to have to come up with some type of plan to not totally blow it!  I may be spending more time on the elliptical or treadmill to counter act all of the goodies!  I’m trying my best to navigate this new territory for me, but sometimes I really just want to not have to think about it.  And I’m slowly learning that is not possible.  For me, I will have to deal with this emotional eating, and planning my food out, FOREVER!

Felt great to start out this week back at BOOT CAMP!  This is an amazing class with a great instructor!!!  We love it!!!



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