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If at first you don’t succeed…try try and keep trying until you do!

It seems like we (the FLF girls) are all on the same wave length.  Lexy’s post “Am I Missing What Matters Most?” and Carman’s “Fear of Failure” are right in line with things I have been thinking about lately.  And then I got to interview my friend Danielle for the Lite Your Fire Mondays series and she shared a quote that is now my new motto:

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done!”  Love it!!  And it’s oh so true.

I’ve been a little frustrated lately with my physical fitness abilities.  Going back to hot yoga depressed me a little because I can’t do some of the poses (like crow…my featured picture) that I used to be able to.  And I know…I just had a baby and I need to be patient, but we all know that’s not me ;).  However, I had a glimmer of hope on Saturday when I went to another class and finally started to feel as if I was making progress to get back to where I used to be.  And so I will keep trying and trying until I succeed and get to where I’ve never been by doing things I’ve never done!

Weekend recap…

I’ll warn you first, it was a little bit of a “cheat” weekend.  I still counted my points, but I pretty much ate whatever I wanted!


Breakfast: Protein Pancake and a mango- 6pts

Went to lunch with Rebecca and Heidi (friends from college).  Rebecca took us to a restaurant Heidi and I had not been to called Layla’s Mediterranean Grill.  It was delicious!

Lunch: chicken kabob wrap (in lavash), only ate half, also had a roll and some pita w/hummus- 16pts

Snack: 2 WW oatmeal cookies- 4pts

My mom and I went to see The Lucky One, we shared some popcorn and Red Vines.  I way more than I should have!  Probably like 18-20pts???

Snack: apple and 1TBSP PB- 3pts

Total points: 49!!!


Lazy Saturday!!!  Cole woke up kind of feeling sick so we decided to take it easy.

Breakfast: Mickey Mouse Protein Waffles :)- 6pts

Keller gave me a gift card to the Lululemon store up here that I hadn’t been able to use, so Cole and I went out to do some errands and grabbed lunch on our way home.  The ironic part of this day was that I had just gone on a workout clothing shopping spree at Lululemon and then went to Great Harvest and bought these.

I texted a picture to Lexy and Carman and I loved Lexy’s responses, the first one was “Step away from the ledge” and the second was “or count it and move on”.  And that’s what I did, I counted it and moved on!

Lunch: Great Harvest 1/2 veggie sandwich, 3 bites of a bran muffin-8pts

Snack: a segment of cinnamon pull-apart bread-4pts

Went to hot yoga +8

Post-yoga snack: Balance Bar-5pts

Dinner: leftovers, 1 mexi chicken lettuce wrap from cheesecake factory, 1/2 chicken kabob wrap from layla’s- 8pts

Total points: 31


Breakfast: the rest of my bran muffin- 10pts

Headed to church and was pretty impressed with myself, we got there 7 minutes early!!

Snack during church: Balance Bar-5pts

I had the worst headache by the time church was over.  I have no idea what it was from, but it was awful.  I grabbed 3 Excedrin and a coke zero, but of course Cruz was starving so I didn’t have time to get something to eat and ended up eating pieces of Cole’s asiago cheese bread and dipping it in his chicken noodle soup!  4pts

Finally when I was able to eat, I grabbed the other half of my veggie sandwich put a piece of turkey on it and grabbed some carrots and another piece of the cinnamon pull apart.  12pts

I’m pretty sure the cinnamon bread made me totally ill.  It’s interesting how when you’re body gets used to eating a certain way, when you put crap in it, it will not like it!!  But it was kind of good cause it prevented me from eating anything the rest of the day.  I did have 2 bites of Cole’s leftover mac and cheese, and an apple, which I considered my dinner and then my sister came over and made me eat some of her half the fat Girl Scout cookie ice cream.  MADE me, I totally had no control 😉  5pts

Total points: 36


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