Is It REALLY Almost August?!?

Without a doubt, this has been the craziest/busiest summer in a LONG time! I absolutely can’t believe that August is next week! Obviously, I have totally LOST IT on the blog…. it has slipped to the back burner and I have missed it!!! There would be no way to fully recap the summer, so I will just share a sampling of pictures.  I’ll try to catch up from where I left off…. I HAD A GOAL was my last post!

I volunteered for Girl’s Camp…. little did I know how important these RAIN BOOTS would be…



Nature scares me… I woke up from a cat nap to find this creature staring at me…

My lovely home for the week!

My friend Cindy picked a tent instead…

My father in law “The Spirit Of Elvis” surprised the girls! It was the 100th Anniversary of Girl’s Camp and there was cause to CeLeBrAtE!

Campy hair-do!

Did I mention the RAIN???

View from my bed board where I slept…

Storm damage… can you spot the river running through camp?


While I was away at camp… my mom entertained the boys!

Ty was able to complete his blanket for a baby in Africa. I am so proud of both Ty and Kody for making blankets!!


My mom got City Passes and they were able to visit lots of cool places around Houston!

Thanks MOM!!!


You may or may not know… but I decided to join ViSalus as a promoter of the 90-Day Challenge! Everything about ViSalus inspires me! It’s all about setting a goal to better your life and focusing on it for 90 days! I had the opportunity to attend their corporate event VITALITY in Miami. I was so inspired by the transformations that I saw… both physical and financial. Everyday people CHANGING their lives! I believe in taking 100% responsibility for your life!!

Here’s a video clip:
















Beth now lives in Orlando and she came down and picked me up from the conference in Miami!

So fun seeing her kids again!!! They are growing up so fast!!!!


We hung out with some cool kids at the movies!






Thanks Beth!! So fun being with yall again!

Always sad to say good-bye! :(


So happy to head back home to Houston!

It’s always good to be back in Texas!

Missed these guys soooo much!



Finally had a little time to hang out with Ty and Kody!





Ty is using dietSNAPS and wanted me to be in his lunch pic! :)


Attended the Challenge Party 3.0 in Houston!



We had plans to be in Austin to spend time with Torry’s parents, and help Cyndi unpack, but we also received sad news that my Grandma had passed away in her sleep. So the week was full of mixed emotions.

My Grandma – love her sooo much, will miss her!





Seeing cousins I haven’t seen in YEARS!!! She was probably 8 yrs old the last time I saw her!

My friend Marcy brought me some of her homemade bread that she makes from sprouted grains! Sooo good!! Check out her website LIVING GRAINS! I would love to start incorporating this! :)





Had my brother drive my car home for me because I was wayyyy past exhausted! We listened to Jim Rohn cd’s. :)

Back home to Houston AGAIN!

Whew! If you are still around, you can clearly see that I have been crazy busy. This is just a sampling of the madness!! I am definitely happy to be home…. ready to get back in to my regular routine of life!!! IF THAT IS POSSIBLE!! :) I’m gearing up to take on the 90-Day Challenge for REAL!!!


How has YOUR summer been? I would love to hear what yall are up to these days!!! Let me know!!! :)



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