It’s frickin’ freezing Mr. Bigglesworth!

Doing a little catch up from the last couple days.  It’s been soooooo cold!  This was my car thermometer on Monday morning taking Cole to school.

Headed over to the gym for spin class to warm up.  After the spin class, I met up with a trainer.  When you join the gym they give you a free 30 minute session with a trainer.  I thought maybe it was just going to be to talk about goals and tips on things I can do, but no we went straight to work and pumped out a 30min workout.  She had me do 2 different circuits.  Lateral pull-downs, side lunges with a one-handed kettle bell raise, curls, back lunge with side twist holding dumbbell.  Tricep kickbacks, sumo squat with plate bringing it between the legs and then up overhead as you come out of the squat, chest press, and seated rows.  Needless to say I was toast after an hour and a half at the gym.


Post-workout/Breakfast:  Pulled out the steel cut oats, I used to eat these all the time until I found the protein pancakes 😉  1/2C oatmeal with cinnamon and berries (when I’m being really good I just eat it with cinnamon, when I want something yummier I go with milk and brown sugar)

Went to volunteer at the hospital again and took some carrots and almonds with me to munch on during my shift.  At the end of my shift I grabbed a turkey burger again from the cafe this time without a bun and without the tomatoes, with a side salad and took it to go.

Dinner: turkey burger and salad

Snack: apple and peanut butter…there wasn’t much left on the peanut butter jar, but I made sure I got every last drop!



I was so tired today.  I could not pull myself out of bed.  I should have gone straight to the treadmill and down my burpee/running intervals, but it didn’t happen.  We ended up skyping with daddy until it was time to go to the rec center.

Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal and pan fried deli turkey (weird I know, but it sounded good)

At the rec center I brought some more carrots and almonds to snack on.  We came home and had some lunch…I made a green smoothie with deli chicken.

Cole and I both went down for a quick power nap before his swim lesson.  He loved loved loved his teacher and did so good in his lesson.  On the way back I had a snack of grapes and a muscle milk.

We dropped Papa off at home and headed down to Taekwondo and Tuesdays with Heidi.  Since our dinner didn’t really happen I had a spoon full of all-natural peanut butter at Heidi’s along with a couple of the brussels sprouts we made.  Talk about random!!

And after taekwondo I went with my sister and her 4 kids to Cafe Rio, which we usually do on Thursday, but not this week. Got a steak salad, I scooped out steak  and most of the rice and beans for Cole and I just tried to eat the lettuce, steak, and pico and dipped my fork in the dressing.  Sooo yummy!


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