It’s just preschool…right?

Today was Cole’s first day of school in Park City.  The director told me that school started at 7:45am and I remember this time specifically cause I was like “seriously 7:45 in the freaking morning”.  However, apparently as we found out this morning school starts at 8am, but nobody shows up until closer to 9.  We weren’t too impressed at first glance so Keller and I decided to check out other schools in the area.  We spent an hour and a half at a Montessori school with the sweetest, earthiest lady I’ve ever met.

Started the day out right with my dietSNAPS…however, forgot the rest of the day, arg!

Breakfast: egg/egg whites combo w/turkey and avocado, whole grain toast, and oj

Keller thinks he’s so funny…while doing some paperwork, Keller found a button with a picture of me from elementary school softball.  No idea why there was ever a BUTTON made with my softball picture.  Pretty sure nobody ever wore it!

Lunch: Barbacoa (kind of like Chipotle) burrito bowl rice, black beans, chicken, pico, lettuce, guac…bites of burrito soup (Keller and I shared) and some chips and salsa…kind of had a little bit of everything, took home the leftovers!

Went to another school, went to Wal Mart (Cole needed a new lunch box and Keller and I needed to argue about whether or not to buy organic milk), carwash, another school, and then home to agonize about what school to put him in.  Serious anxiety about this decision.

Picked up Cole from school and was able to sit down with the director.  She was able to ease some of our concerns about the school and Cole almost didn’t want to come with us.  So in the end, we spent all day looking at schools and ended up just keeping him in his current school.

Dinner: turkey chili w/cornbread and honey butter

Ended the day with a little jealousy! 😉

PS I’m 15 weeks today

PPS It’s been a week since I’ve done any kind of physical activity…yes I’ve been sick, but still, it’s killing me.  It’s been too cold for me to walk the hill with my bronchitis, guess I’m going to have to treadmill it tomorrow.

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