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As you can tell from Lexy and Carman’s posts we had a super fantastic weekend.  I’m exhausted just reading about it again ;).  My hubby leaves on Saturday to go back to Afghanistan for 4 months so this post is going to be short and sweet.  I will have plenty of time for blogging come Sunday! :(

I want to spend some time on our trip/weekend recap so I’m just posting fire bites from yesterday and today.  We spent most of the day yesterday in our jammies recovering from our trip and getting things done at home.  Cole went to school and had t-ball practice after.  Keller was laughing at me because I’m apparently one of the “loud” parents.

Wednesday Fire Bites: protein pancake and banana 5, turkey and avocado on wheat w/carrots 5, starburst jelly beans (dang you Sherilynn) 4-8, Trader Joe’s pretzels and a couple bites of a tuna sandwich 3, flank steak and veggies w/bread 8, bites of Keller’s Fat Boy ice cream sandwich??

Today we spent the morning at the park, it was gorgeous weather!  Came home and had lunch before heading to Salt Lake to do some errands.  These boys are going to miss their daddy!

Thursday Fire Bites: protein pancake and green smoothie 6, turkey and avocado sandwich w/carrots 5, Menchie’s froyo 4, Mom brought home Costco kettle chips low fat but high evil 4, chicken gyros 9, WW oatmeal cookies 6

I’m dying of lack of exercise.  I’m not looking forward to my husband leaving, but I am looking forward to getting back into a regular eating and workout schedule.  Gots to be hardcore to start training for the Tough Mudder!!

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