Just Keep On, Keepin’ On!!

Just Keep On, Keepin’ On!! from alexis hinson on Vimeo.

Can’t get this song outta my head now!! 😉 
 LOVE this!!!! We are all human and can relate.
-GREAT ideas on things you can do to get out of a ‘funk’. 

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36 year old military wife of 18 years and stay at home mom to 4 incredible kids (3 girls ages 17, 11, 11 and our son is 6). After my 4th, and final baby, I decided I wanted to be more active, healthier, happier, and to be an example to my kids. I joined Weight Watchers and started using the Points Plus program to learn portion control, moderation, and develop healthier habits. I also used the dietSNAPS app to track my meals and it was such a life changer for me to literally *see* what I was putting in my body! Cyndi, Lexy and I created this blog to be accountability partners and that has been a huge key to this journey! I love to cook and I love converting my favorite recipes into a healthier version for my family to enjoy! I love the after effects of exercising :) I love challenging myself to fitness goals to change things up and in doing so I have run numerous 5K/10K's, several half marathons, one full 26.2 marathon, and a Tough Mudder. I love circuit training, weight training, and running sprints. My goal is to inspire others to take their health seriously, and to show how small changes can lead to big results.

4 thoughts on “Just Keep On, Keepin’ On!!

  1. Jill

    Thanks! I have been on my journey for 6 years and I still needed to hear this! I have mostly good days, but when I am in a funk I am going to say Keep on Keepin On! Thank you so much!

  2. Anonymous

    I'm am so comforted to hear that your beginnings of WW did not turn out the way you would have like them to the first couple of weeks! Again, I have been thinking I was the "only" one who was having issues following this plan! My daughter made brownies the other night and I only had 1…can you believe that?! It was so sinnfully delicious I could eat the whole pan, and it was straight out of the oven…so you know the whole warm delightful smell of chocolate floating through your house…well, I did have one (I didn't track it, becuase I guess I think if I don't track it then it's not really that many calories or points and I can "fool" myself that I didn't really have that much) Kknow what I mean? I think that's called cheating? But the sad thing is it's gonna show up no matter what I think!! LOL…Anyway, the good news is, last night I was hanging out with a friend and at one point I thought "ooh, let's get an ice cream!" I really wanted something sweet and cool and satifying. We never got the ice cream, I just waited to see if the feeling would pass, it was purely emotional, though I wasn't crying, but guess what??? I ended up really wanting the fruit smoothie shake instead! It sounded so delicious and cold and healthy and perfect and I used water instead (only because I was out of juice and I don't drink milk and I was already at the end of my points and didn't want to go too far over them. So 2 points over my daily amount, I didn't feel too guilty, but I was satisfied! So I appreciate your video about KEEPIN ON! I do feel more determined to follow a plan right now. I'm kind of sick of always making excuses for this or that where food is concerned. I have to find that conltrol somehow and healthily, not quick fix. I have to prove to myself I can do it and I want to show my daughter that I can actually be that "hot mama" again that I was just a few years ago! (Thank goodness she doesn't realize I looked like this after I had her! She's 10 now. And I have 16 month old now! Just the two girls. But still it's always been my fear to get pregnant again because I knew I would gain weight and not have an easy time getting it off. I can't tell you how awesome it is that you 3 have started this blog this year! Our family set goals in January this year (something I haven't done for a long time) and one of my goals was to lose weight and get healthier. I have never had toned arms or legs and that is my utimate goal. Not to sound too "biased" or put anyone else on the back burner…Lexy looks the goal I want! So it's inspiring to see her results. As well as it's inspiring to have read all 3 of your stories and see your pictures! I love hearing your little struggles because I am struggling with all the same things here and there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Serioulsy, you are a beautiful, smart, gorgeous, person! You were gorgeous before you started WW! Thanks again for the inspirational video!


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