My husband called me this afternoon and informed me that we were going out on date night…. This would be day 3 of eating Tex-Mex!

Wednesday night – Casa Ole’

Thursday night – Gringo’s

Friday night – Pappasito’s

photo5 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

Backing up to Thursday -

Started out with a banana and peanut butter – 1

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

**90 minutes of cardio mixing up elliptical, running, walking inclines, and the stair climber**

Frozen yogurt – 3

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

Zone Bar – 5

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

Protein Waffle W/ Strawberries – 5

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

Met up at Gringo’s with some family that I haven’t seen in forever!! Fajita Chicken Salad W/Salsa

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

Snacked on saltine crackers while watching the Biggest Loser on the dvr… smart huh?



Banana and peanut butter before heading to the gym…

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

**1 Hour Muscle Blast Class**

Sugar cookies upon arrival …. another smart move!  :/

Turkey chili (no beans) over spinach with salsa/cheese – 5

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

Protein waffle with pear – 5

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

Date night at Pappasito’s – ate more than my share of chips and salsa….

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

I was full by the time my meal was served… i ate one bite and packaged it up for tomorrow… fajita chicken salad with salsa

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

With all of the chips and salsa lately, I feel gross. I came across this picture from this week last year and had to compare it to now… I need to see things like this to help me remember WHY I need to do better. I don’t want to start sliding into old habits. It’s crazy that it’s still a constant battle… I wish it was easier!! icon smile Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

 Just Say NO To Tex Mex!

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3 Responses to Just Say NO To Tex-Mex!

  1. Cyndi says:

    Oh my goodness you ate out 3 times in 1 week…I must be rubbing off on you! ;)

  2. Lexy says:

    Seriously… next thing you know I’ll be pregnant trying on 5 inch heels in Nordy’s….

  3. Bethany says:

    A big difference from last year. You’ll get back on track next week- and be happy that you can still enjoy some “crazy” days/weeks of eating and then start a new week. BTW- my Dad (in his 70′s) had some minor surgery a few months ago and now he’s lost his sense of smell AND all taste! That would be a great way to lose weight for the REST of your life if you couldn’t taste anything- BUT- that’s no way to live!

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