Total Points: 29
Activity: 8
up at 6am for a run
2 – pre work out
ran approx 4.7 miles with cindy :)
5 – protein pancake
4 – turkey pepperoni tortilla pizza with peppers
5 – zone bar
0 – watermelon while unloading groceries… did not eat all of this… probably just 6 cubes
5 – turkey chili over spaghetti squash
3 – granola bar
5 – half the fat ice cream
without going into a lot of detail… this has been an extremely stressful week.  we are planning a move within the next couple of weeks… finding the right house and getting all of the details worked out has been crazy.  i had one day where i really just didn’t care, and then i pulled it together and started looking for the signs of emotional eating.  i came across THIS ARTICLE from the WW site…
Stress means different things to different people. It can manifest itself as follows:

1. Physically. Tight shoulders, poor sleep, headaches. Sound familiar?

2. Emotionally. Stress can cause tension, anxiety, sadness, anger … any of a number of negative emotions.

3. Mentally. It can impair your memory and concentration, and your ability to make decisions rationally.

4. Behaviorally. Stress can make you yell at the kids, avoid important tasks, overeat and more.

However stress affects you, it’s important to learn how to manage it. You have two options: Reduce stress, or cope with it. Sometimes, though, reducing stress isn’t possible. So learning how to cope with it, or how to modify your response to it, is crucial. Especially if you’re a “stress eater.”

Stress survival
Next time you’re stressed, try one of these “survival” techniques:

STOP. Take a moment to relax. You may have read about Anchoring, a tool from Weight Watchers Tools for Living. Using a predetermined cue or trigger, Anchoring can help you get in touch with your inner resource of peace and calm. Next time you’re stressed, try it. TALK. Get your feelings out in the open. Whom can you turn to for help when stress becomes too much?

LISTEN. Pay attention to self-talk, or the words you use to describe your situation. How does negative self-talk aggravate your stress? Another tool from Weight Watchers Tools for LivingPositive Self-Talking, can help you learn to use language that helps, rather than hurts.

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