I Received My Weight Watchers Lifetime Award Today!!!

This is a picture of me from 2005 before I started WW…. Back when I didn’t know how to change, back when I used to do extreme dieting to lose weight and then follow up with gaining weight when I got off of whatever diet I was trying….
I wanted so desperately to be able to enjoy food, enjoy working out, and look healthy and fit!
I am soooo thankful for Weight Watchers and for the things I have learned from the program.  I am so grateful that I was able to sign up online before I was ready to attend my first meeting.  I was able to take the WW information and structure it around my lifestyle.  I no longer feel deprived of the foods I love.  I have learned so much about substituting healthy options and making better choices.
I am soooo thankful for the iPhone app dietSNAPS that helped me even more!  It’s the fun new way to journal your food intake. Actually being able to “see” the food I was eating was very revealing. For once, I was able to make a connection between my food choices and my feelings of misery and frustration. It gave me the power and desire to change it all! From day one, I noticed the packaged and processed foods I had been living on. It caused me to want to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet so that I could see colors! I began scouring the internet for healthy blogs to find ideas on new and fun recipes I could try. Instead of obsessing about writing down everything I was eating and carrying around a food journal… I was able to use my iPhone…. SNAP a quick pic, and move on. Throughout the day I would tally up my points and it helped tremendously to keep me on track.
Thank you to Carman for taking pictures today of me receiving my award!!!
Sooo happy to finally accomplish my goal!!!
My leader is now explaining that as a “lifetime” member, I can attend my WW mtgs for FREE!!!  (As long as I stay under my goal weight!!)
This is my leader Karen!  She is awesome!!  I LOVE going to her meetings!  She is so fun and full of personality!  She is very approachable and always willing to answer our questions and cheer us on!
Here are some side by side before and after pictures that I wanted to share….
January 2006 to July 2011
June 2006 to July 2011
I wanted to thank y’all for the very nice emails I have received!!  It has been scary to share my struggle with weight, but very liberating and encouraging at the same time!  I am so excited for everyone who is working hard to achieve their goals and I look forward to celebrating your successes with you!!!
I came across THIS ARTICLE from WW that talked about the stages of weight management.  I finally feel like I am in stage #4….

STAGE #1: Honeymoon. When you’re in the Honeymoon stage, you feel eager to do whatever it takes to lose weight. You can’t wait to get to your goal, and you feel completely committed to your efforts.
You probably always stay within your PointsPlus™ Target and, control your portion sizes. And it’s likely that you track everything you eat in your PointsPlusTracker, plan your meals and exercise. Keep it up!
STAGE #2: The Thrill Is Gone. This is the most frustrating stage. You may be saying: Why do I have to be so careful? It doesn’t seem like it’s working. Why can other people eat what they want and still stay thin? Why can’t it happen faster?
If you’re at this stage, stick with it. Do what it takes to get the support you need, and see if you can reconnect with the reasons you decided to lose weight in the first place.
STAGE #3: Renewed Resolve. This is the time when you have a clearer set of expectations, with the added benefit of understanding how the process works.
When you’re at this stage, you know that weight-loss doesn’t come easily, and you’re prepared to work hard. You’re ready to be more consistent about exercising, tracking your PointsPlus values, controlling your portion sizes and everything else that goes along with building healthy new habits.
STAGE #4: Lifestyle Change. At this stage, you keep up your new habits even when you’ve had a bad day or week. You cope with stress and emotions in a healthy way. And you’re always on the lookout for healthy things to eat, and for ways to get in extra exercise. This is a great place to be!

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40 years old, "stay at home mom" to 2 boys (ages 16 and 14), wife to a chiropractic kinesiologist! I love blogging and learning new ideas. I follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus program and enjoy working out. I have run 2 full 26.2 mile marathons and 3 half marathons... and many 10k and 5k's. I love taking BodyPump classes and lifting weights. Working out has always been fun for me, but I struggle with eating healthy. Blogging has introduced me to a world of healthy eaters... When I first started WW... I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat! I didn't like cooking and I am not the kind of person that can just throw things together. There are tons of ideas out there and I love finding new and fun ones that I feel like I am capable of making myself!

4 thoughts on “I Received My Weight Watchers Lifetime Award Today!!!

  1. Jeanette

    Congratulations! I just went to my second meeting today. I joined last week, partly because of your blog. :-) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Anonymous

    I hope you know how proud I am for you and of you! You have always been an inspiration to so many people, and now even more so. Keep up the good work as you continue to live a happy, healthy, SKINNY, life! I love you so much!! -mom


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