Lexy’s CRAZY Moving Weekend!

Okay folks…. I’ve finally moved.  I am not unpacked or settled at all… and honestly there is no rush, although the sooner I get settled the better I will feel.  I should have kept notes for all the stressful details of the past week, but I did not.  I think I wanted to block it out of my memory forever!  :)  If I were to grade myself on my eating for the past 4 days… I would probably give myself a 50 F!!!  Physically, this is the worst I have felt since Christmas.  I would have to say that I “tried” the best I could under the extremely stressful circumstances, but eventually I quit caring and threw in the towel.  Today is the first day I have been alone with just me and my boys in my new house.  As I have been unpacking and setting up the new place, I have been thinking about my choices, and where I could have done better.  Instead of beating myself up anymore….. I decided that as soon as I got the internet up and running, I would make this post.  I am not going to “start tomorrow” or “wait until the boys go back to school”….. I AM GETTING BACK ON TRACK AS OF THIS VERY MOMENT.  I have felt soooo good for the past 5+ months and I am not going to let this little “move” ruin my outlook on things!  So…. in the spirit of honestly… I’m going to show you all what I’ve been eating for the last 4 days!~!~!  It’s pretty pathetic!
Saturday (Moving Day!)
0 – grapes
7 – Subway sandwiches

Aunt Wii hooked us up with an awesome healthy lunch upon arrival at our new place!~!~!
THANK YOU AUNT WII!!! (Click here to see her weight loss story!!)

…our 2nd load of crap stuff…
Here is the downfall!!!
When you take a picture of the BAG instead of the amount of cookies consumed…. you know that is a bad sign!!!
chicken lettuce wrap…. and WAY too many chips and salsa!

Church started at 9am…. we woke up at 8:17am!  Grabbed a banana on the way out the door!
3 – almonds in the car on the way to church
corn dog when i walked in the door….  i feel another downward spiral is on it’s way….
way too many of these…
… and these…
Ty found out that Trent is also a WWE fan…. Trent invited Ty to watch Summer Slam on PPV– Ty loved it!
My Dad came over to help me hang a mirror and showed up with Papa John’s Pizza!!
My Mom, Dad, Tim, Windy, Courtney, Carman and girls came over… Torry worked on people while we played Apples to Apples with the kids.
After everyone left… I ate turkey chili with spaghetti squash… with handful of fritos.


After 2 days of gross eating….. I was READY for a work out!  I had not gone running or worked out since Thursday.  LOOK how puffy my face looks!!!!!!
0 – Magic Pop pre run
*ran 5 miles with carman*
5 – protein pancake
7 – mcdonald’s salad…. my mom had come over to help me unpack and set up…. my boys were driving me crazy and i REALLY needed to go to the store… so my mom stayed home and i left.  first stop was to eat a salad.  i went by myself and sat in the booth for probably 30 minutes just eating the salad and enjoying the peace and quiet.  who finds refuge in a mcdonald’s????  
had a zone bar after unloading groceries and trying to cool off from the houston heat!!
half the fat ice cream
my sister in law stephanie (check out her gluten free blog here) and the kids came over for a short visit.  we ended up meeting up with my brother’s chase and reece at La Brisa for dinner.
4 – chips/salsa
6 – chicken lettuce wrap 
4 – while at grocery store…. had some of these….
Tuesday! (Today!)

5 – protein pancake with pear and raspberry
2 – whey protein fruit smoothie
5 – zone bar
3 – half the fat
and right before this…. had kody’s left over la brisa burrito!!!
(not pictured would be handfuls of cheez-its every time i walked through the kitchen…. and handfuls of quaker mini delights rice cakes….. along with fiber one brownie…. and of course my favorite cookie cereal…..  i found myself not taking pictures of the little snacks things i was eating…)
This marks the END of my moving craziness!  I am not going to “blame” the move anymore.  I have good food to eat at home and I plan on getting back on track as of right now.  I have felt gross and miserable.  If ANYTHING- I realize the importance of fruit and vegetables.  They help me to feel stable and satisfied.  The junk I have been eating has only made me feel gross!!!  I have missed being able to blog and I realize that it really does keep me accountable!  
You have now reached the end of my moving confessions!  :)

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