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I am so excited to share some updated information about our Uncle Tim!  To read more about his story be sure to go HERE!!!

First Name/Age: Tim/56

Have you struggled with weight/body image issues throughout your life? Yes!

Was there a significant event that triggered your changes? No, more of a series of events.

Did you have someone that inspired you to make changes? Several people! First my wife. She has been so determined this past three years. Then, there are several family members who not only have taken control of their weight, but also their overall health. Exercising, running marathons, etc!

Did you incorporate a certain diet? Restrict calories? Or follow any certain plan? Weight Watchers

Did you exercise? If so, what type of exercise do you enjoy? Did you work out with family or friends? Not at first. But after losing the first 15-20 pounds I started having more energy and just wanted to get out and “do” something!

When did people first notice the changes? My “support” group started noticing after the first 10 pounds!

Did it take a while for your mind to adjust to the new you? Yes. The first time I went and bought smaller size clothes, it hit me. Till then it didn’t seem real.

How did you measure your success throughout the process? By the scales and by how my clothes fit. Then, by how I felt!

Do you feel like your confidence has improved? Definitely.

How did your family react? Were they supportive? They were very supportive and encouraging!!

What did you eat on an average day? Breakfast: Egg-beaters (Southwest style), 2 corn tortillas (cooked with olive oil), and 2 slices of ham. Lunch: I eat out every day, but have changed to eating within my WW points. Typically, grilled chicken salads, turkey burger with lettuce (no bun – so I can have the french fries), taco salads, soup, etc. Dinner: usually some kind of grilled/baked meat with a vegetable. Treat myself to WW snack cake during the day as well as pudding cups for desert. Throughout the day I have fresh fruit: typically a banana and apple. Sometimes grapes and pears. Also, mid morning I have carrots, cherry tomatoes, and a pickle!


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40 years old, "stay at home mom" to 2 boys (ages 16 and 14), wife to a chiropractic kinesiologist! I love blogging and learning new ideas. I follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus program and enjoy working out. I have run 2 full 26.2 mile marathons and 3 half marathons... and many 10k and 5k's. I love taking BodyPump classes and lifting weights. Working out has always been fun for me, but I struggle with eating healthy. Blogging has introduced me to a world of healthy eaters... When I first started WW... I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat! I didn't like cooking and I am not the kind of person that can just throw things together. There are tons of ideas out there and I love finding new and fun ones that I feel like I am capable of making myself!

2 thoughts on “Lite Your Fire Monday’s :)

  1. Claretta

    You look wonderful Tim! So proud of you and Windy. I’m on the healthy bandwagon too, so maybe this time next year, you’ll be complimenting me! Keep up the good work! Love you both!


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