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I’m excited to share with you the success story of my really good friend Mackenzie! I posted about her back in April of this year…  she was my work out partner/trainer/friend from Marble Falls! She is also the one that came to stay with us last weekend and while she was here, I “forced” her to answer some questions…. :)

First Name/Age:  Mackenzie  33 yrs, 5’7  (Mother of 4 boys)

Have you struggled with weight/body image issues throughout your life?

I have never been a “small” girl, but really started to gain weight after the birth of my first son. Once I had my second son at the age of 22, I made a decision that I wanted to get healthy and join a gym. I was able to maintain my goal size of a 10, and enjoy small treats without guilt. When I turned 24, I went through a divorce, started making poor decisions and was at 197lb before I knew it. At this point I was in a new relationship and unexpectedly found out I was pregnant and ballooned up to 233lbs!! After my third son I said “enough!” Joined a gym at 211 lbs, and hit it hard! I began eating every three hours, made sure to incorporate lots of protein, and drank a gallon of water every day. I avoided high fructose corn syrup, fried food, and hydrogenated oils. I worked out twice a day and embraced the new lifestyle change. Not only did the weight start to fall off, muscles started showing up! Even with my fourth pregnancy, I worked out this hard and was able to stay focused. I eventually dropped to 143lbs, with a 16% body fat. I now fluctuate about ten lbs and my brain is ok with it!

Was there a significant event that triggered your changes?

I always thought of myself as the cute, funny girl… never realized my size until i had to buy an 18!

Did you have someone that inspired you to make changes?  No

Did you incorporate a certain diet? Restrict calories? Or follow any certain plan?

Protein, protein, protein! I also never go more than 3 hours without eating!

Did you exercise? If so, what type of exercise do you enjoy? Did you work out with family or friends?

In the beginning, I did the elliptical at the gym for an hour and slowly incorporated weights. Now, I teach boot camp every morning and have cardio classes in the evening.

When did people first notice the changes?

I am not sure when they noticed the physical changes, however, I loved having friends over for dinner. They were surprised at the yummy and healthy dinners I prepared for them. 

Did it take a while for your mind to adjust to the new you?

Nope… I was so excited about the “future ME,” I couldn’t get healthy fast enough!

How did you measure your success throughout the process?

The way my clothes fit me… and I NEVER EVER EVER stepped on a scale! Even now, I only weigh myself a few times a year.

Do you feel like your confidence has improved?

The confidence comes from the knowledge I have gained and I love to pass that on to others.

How did your family react? Were they supportive?

Yes, very supportive…. Sometimes when I am in training mode for my half marathons, they laugh at how obsessed I am… but know that it comes with the territory.

What did you eat on an average day?  Oatmeal with whole wheat muffin, banana with a tbs. of all natural peanut butter, protein shakes, boiled eggs with natural lunch meat, as much coffee as I want, Amy’s frozen dinners, etc.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

I love to exercise, so that is never an issue… I do have a vice, and its red wine. I know that I will need to add minutes to my workouts in order to burn off the calories. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy… active, happy, and in shape makes a healthy woman!




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