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I’m excited to share the success story of one of my friends, Gay! I met her several years ago when she became a patient of my husband’s! I am so very happy to share the incredible success that she has experienced on her weight loss journey!!

First Name/Age:  Gay/60

Tell us a little about yourself so we can get to know you better.

I am married and have been an entrepeuneur for years as a private piano and voice teacher, retail furniture store owner and now a promoter for the ViSalus Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.  My husband, Jeff, and I have three children and five grandchildren combined.


Have you struggled with weight/body image issues throughout your life?

Yes, whether real or not, I always felt “fat”.  The “Twiggy” era was going strong when I was a student growing up.


Was there a significant event that triggered your changes?

After seeing pictures of me at my son’s wedding, I suddenly realized how much weight I had truly gained.


Did you have someone that inspired you to make changes?

My friends (Jennie Lynn and her husband Mark) introduced us to ViSalus last June right after my granddaughter was born.  I knew that it was important for me to get my weight and overall health under control so that I could enjoy being an active participant in all of our grandchildren’s lives.


Did you incorporate a certain diet? Restrict calories? Or follow any certain plan?

No, I don’t have a certain diet….I do a Vi-shake every morning, either a shake or half a sandwich for lunch and a sensible dinner.  However, I have to have Mexican food usually once a week… just a Texan at heart.  I am a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I have used Suzanne Sommer’s weight loss plan, Dolly Parton’s diet, and every other weight loss plan out there…but I found that I was so concerned about what my next meal was going to be that I only thought about food.  With the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge… I just enjoy shakes for one or two meals daily and then eat a reasonable dinner.


Do you exercise? If so, what type of exercise do you enjoy?  Do you work out with family and friends?

I haven’t exercised during my weight loss with ViSalus… mostly, just to see if it would work without lots of exercise.  My new 90-Challenge is to start exercising again and build some lean muscle.  When I do exercise, swimming laps or walking are my favorites.  I used to walk 14-30 miles weekly and kept in great shape.  While in Ft. Worth and Austin, my friend, Debbie, and I would inspire each other to get to the gym or walk.  I used to go to the gym with my daughter at 5:30 a.m. and that worked well for me also.


When did people first notice the changes?

Most people notice within 2 weeks that I had lost weight…most certainly, after 1 month.


Did it take a while for your mind to adjust to the new you?

Not really, the lighter and better I felt…the happier I was.


How did you measure your success throughout the process? How much weight did you lose and how long have you kept it off?  

While I didn’t take measurements, I could measure the success with the loss on the scale and the way my clothes felt.  My weight over the past 15 years had vasilated between 140 and 163 lbs, but with the ViSalus shakes, I dropped to my high school weight of 125 lbs and have been able to sustain it for the last 9 months.


What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

I can’t really think of any major obstacles… my husband did this with me, so it was easy.  The friend that introduced me to the Body by Vi shakes is my co-worker and we support each other.  The cravings stopped for junk food… it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done regarding weight loss.


Which of your personal goals have you achieved?

Wow, it’s awesome to be your high school weight and to feel as great as I do!  Now  I just have to work to build lean muscle and firm up….can’t wait!


Which of your personal goals have you achieved?

I have reached my goal weight and feel better than I have in years!


Do you feel like your confidence has improved?

No doubt!


What has changed the most about you?

This has renewed my belief that age is in the mind and that our bodies will work amazingly well when we take care of them.


What did you find hardest about this process? How did you overcome it?

Believe it or not, one of the hardest things for me was learning how to shop at the grocery store for a healthier lifestyle.  I found that I didn’t want my old foods and craved fresh veggies, fish and fruits instead of foods loaded with carbs and sugar.


How did your family react? Were they supportive?

My family was supportive… they always are, but my mom was the first to jump on the ViSalus shakes with us.   My brother and sister, son and daughter-in-law are also taking the shakes and feeling great!  My 91 year old mother-in-law even takes the shakes to insure her complete nutrition.


What do you eat on an average day on program?/What are some of your favorite foods that keep you on track?

I always have a Vi-Shape shake with frozen fruit for breakfast, usually I eat 1/2 of a 6″ Subway or deli wrap for lunch unless I’m in a hurry and have another shake or Nutri-cookie.  Then for dinner I have fish or lean meat, veggies and  a glass of wine unless it’s Mexican food night (and there is no diet).  Truthfully, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet.


What are your biggest tips for people that are trying to maintain their weight loss?

Don’t obsess if you overdo it one day… just go back to what helped with your weight loss.  If I overdo it for a weekend… I just make sure I am doing two shakes and eating sensible meals… and before I know it… I’m back down to goal.


Is there anything else you want to tell us?

I never had an idea that I would be back down to high school weight, but the funny thing is that I never got close to a size 4… always at least an 8 or 10… now I’m size 4… in some clothes a size 2 and I’ve never felt better!  I can’t say enough about ViSalus Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge!


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