Lots of Fun yet CrAzY Unexpected Happenings last week!

WARNING – longggg recap from my craziness last week but I can assure you its entertaining and eventful !!!!! 😉


Monday –  2/20

Started off the day with a 5 mile run with the gals since the kids were out of school for Presidents Day. +10 activity points

enjoyed a green protein smoothie – 2

took our little doggie on a walk 😉

Duke the Rat Terrier we got almost 2 months ago. We’re in the fun puppy phase! :/


We decided to go to Lexy’s house for computer work this time around.  I got over there and got all set up on Lexy’s couch and all comfy with my blanket, lap top and computer. We were expected to conference call with Cyndi but the next thing we know she was at Lexy’s FRONT DOOR!!!  Check out Lexy’s face in her post and Cyndi’s recap on how she pulled off this awesome surprise!

Soooo excited to get to hang out and see her baby belly!!!!!! 😉


Lexy and I brainstormed real quick on paper what we had between our fridges and planned out meals for the next 2 days so we wouldn’t go on an eating out frenzy and so we could stay within our points. 😉

we went back to my house so we could surprise Dev and Gabe that Cole was in town and had leftover Italian Stuffed Peppers and spaghetti squash for lunch.

two peas in  a pod! 😉

snack – ZonePerfect Cashew Pretzel bar – 5

we hung out for a little while and got caught up on life

dinner – tortilla pizzas

our husbands sister Meagan came over to hang out, eat dinner, and go get fro yo

we snapped a pic of our other ‘missing’ sisters-in-laws to let them know they were missed!! 😉


yummy Fro Yo – 10

Cyndi’s yummy snack from Traders Joes – chic covered pretzel thins – 7 pretzels for 4pts+




We all had a busy day with appointments so we all went our separate ways to get our stuff done and then met back up later

I started off the morning with a video chat from Daddy on the new and cool Tango app

He was doing training parachute jumps today

breakfast – ZonePerfect bar on the way to take kids to the dentist – 5

when we were our way to the dentist office he sent us a picture sitting on the plane

then he called us from the plane on the runway before take off and his first jump and gave us a look at everyone loaded up ready to go

Tay & Jay did awesome at the dentist and have no cavities!  yay!!

I dropped them off at school and then went home to get Dev who was not feeling well to take her to the doc. Since she had pneumonia in January I wanted to get her in and make sure it wasn’t related.

She got a breathing treatment cause of some wheezing and it cleared it up. The doc said she was having some bronchial spasms due to the allergens in the air.

lunch – protein waffle with bananas and agave – 5

We all met up back at my house and Cyndi so thoughtfully brought us each a Whole Foods cookie!! YUM! – 5

We all went to our corners of the house and took a good hour nap to rest up for Rook tonight.

Ran some errands with the girls and got a sample of Fro Yo from Berrylicious while we were out- 1


my hubby kneeling to the far right with his guys before his second jump of the day

While eating dinner – leftover Italian stuffed peppers on a pile of fresh spinach – 5…..I got a text from my hubby telling me “not to freak out…..but that he smacked his head pretty good on the landing of his 2nd jump and was gonna go the ER to get checked out”. I immediately called him and he sounded like he had a migraine and was in pain.

When he was coming in to land he had turned to get away from an obstacle that was under him and before he could get turned back around to land in the proper position the wind picked up and pretty much slammed him into the ground backwards causing him to land on his back and then his head going about 20mph!!!!!  So scary!!

A little while later I get this picture………

with a text caption that said……….. ‘don’t freak out – its just a precaution’.  WHAT THE ????????????

Thankfully I had Lexy and Cyndi there because I was about to explode outta my mind in a panic!!!!! They helped me remain calm until I found out more details. A little bit later an Air Force doctor called me from my husband’s phone because he had been given morphine for his pain and was getting x-rays, cat scans, and lab work done to get him checked out.  The AF Doc then proceeded to tell me more details that my husband had not…..like when he landed and hit his head it had knocked him out for a little bit and that he was now complaining about pain in his back and legs. He promised to update me as the results came in.

So I decided we would still go to Rook so that it would help me be distracted and not sit at home freaking out by the minute  and wondering what was happening and going on because he’s 4 states away from me and there is nothing I can do.

at Rook

Lots of yummy and healthy snacks served up at Rook!! Thanks Rachel!!! 😉 – 4

dove dark chocolate – 1


She had a dessert what my Granny calls 4 Layer Delight – it was sooo good! – 4

Throughout the night while playing Rook the AF doc kept to his promise and updated me via text message from my husbands phone as the chest X-ray, CT scans and lab work all came back normal.

My hubby was released from the ER a litle while later with pain meds and ordered to be on Quarters (in his hotel room) for the next 48 hours. They were scheduled to come back Friday and so he is not gonna get sent home early.




HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY to my twin baby girls!!!!

all dressed for school in their new cute shirts from Aunt Lexy and their bling from their Mama! 😉

a HUGE thanks to Cyndi and Lexy for staying up late after we got home from playing Rook to help me do my traditional birthday decorating on their bedroom door and at the bottom of the stairs and getting their gifts ready!! It made it such a special morning for them especially since Daddy is not here on their birthday. 😉

They had such a fun morning getting to open their presents and eat their requested birthday breakfast before school. 😉

We had to say good-bye to Cole and Cyndi as they had to head back. :( These two were inseparable and had SO much FUN getting to hang out and play together!  We are soooooo happy y’all got to come down to surprise visit us!!!!!

breakfast – nibbled on bacon while cooking it at 6am 😉 and then had around 9am had a protein waffle when the kids left for school – 8

while in line getting lunch to take to Tay & Jay for their birthday at school we sent Daddy a Get Well and We Miss You picture. 😉


the cupcakes they requested for their classes 😉

After school I loaded them up to take them to Berrylicious per their request 😉

As we were headed to get diesel before getting FroYo and the truck DIED in the middle of the ROAD on the way to the store in all the crazy after-school rush hour traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A kind gentleman pulled up and towed me to the store that we were literally a BLOCK away from and then thankfully Aunt Windy came to my rescue as we filled up and tried to get the truck started again. Thank you Aunt Wii!!  I am SO grateful the kids cooperated so I could focus on getting us back up and running again and thankfully we had no major issues. Talk about the icing on the cake for my NERVES!!!!  Note to self – when the truck says 25 miles to empty……..it is LYING!!!! 😉

Finally we were back on the road and able to continue on with our plans of FroYo for the girls birthday.

Thank you Aunt Cyndi for our own Berrylicious gift cards!! 😉

I practically made a MEAL out of my FroYo….. and I know it was because my stress level was through the roof!! – 10


We got home to these cute posters on our front door from their Primary church leaders!!!!


They got several phone calls throughout the day wishing them a Happy Birthday and LOVED every one of them!!! (Its a tradition on my side of the family to get a phone call and get the Happy Birthday song from everyone! 😉

Their birthday dinner request was originally homemade Gumbo but I had them pick something fast food so they chose Dominoes pizza – we had to make it a quick dinner cause I was needed at the church during the youth meetings tonight. I had the thin crust ham and pepperoni pizza and a few of their parmesan bites bread with marinara sauce.

Getting a gift from their sweet Primary teacher!!!!

I’d say they had a pretty awesome and eventful birthday!!!! 😉



I didn’t make it to my WW’s meeting today because I headed straight up to the hospital after my kids left for school to sit with my bestie Stephany while her husband under went surgery. I am grateful for these times that we can lean on each other  for emotional and mental support through these trials we have to face in our lives.

breakfast on the road up to the hospital – oatmeal with freeze dried blueberries and banana slices – 4

ZonePerfect bar for mid morning snack while waiting for Nick to get out of surgery – 5

Finally we got the good news he was out of surgery and everything went great!! whew – a huge relief. I am so grateful for answered fasting and prayers.

Steph and I got to head down to finally get some lunch since our stomachs had settled getting the good news while he was being monitored in recovery for a little while before going to his own room for overnight observation.

she and I both decided on tacos – shocking…cause we both used to work at a Mexican restaurant when we were in high school and I think it turned us both half Mexican because we both love mexican food! haha!  😉

I grabbed some homemade cookies from the cafeteria before we headed outside for some fresh air before going back upstairs. (cookies are my comfort food and I recognize this. 😉

Had to head home because I had my Activity Day girls activity today and they each decorated a little cake! (I ate a ZonePerfect Cashew Pretzel Bar on the way to the church hoping it would keep me from wanting to eat a TUB of icing!! It worked.)

all 14 girls cutely decorated cakes!

I had 45 minutes in between this activity and a Girls Camp meeting back up at the church so I ran home and got the kids situated and grabbed dinner and headed back up there.

had some of the meat sauce from the Italian Stuffed Peppers I had leftover on top of a bed of spinach – 4

trail mix snack after the meeting that I wasn’t even hungry for but my case of nerves had me munching. :(

My hubby comes home tomorrow!!!!! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Lots of Fun yet CrAzY Unexpected Happenings last week!

  1. Peggy

    Carman: Glad to hear your husband is ok; love the new puppy – lucky you. But, when your son had his dental appointment, what in the world happened to the dental hygenist in the second photo? It looks like her face is covered in blood and it has seeped through the mask. Eeeuuuu. Best of luck to the three of you participating in the run tomorrow.

  2. Lexy

    Carman! Great recap…. Seriously… can you believe ALL of that happened in one week?!?!?!?! Good thing you have pictures to prove it or no one would believe you… :) You did a great job keeping it all together!


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