March – A New Month and I’m gonna SPRING Forward!

I feel a new season in the air!!! 😉

This past week has been THE week of appointments for our family – so it has been NUTS. My hubby had an Urgent Care clinic visit, MRI apt, primary doctor apt, apt with Torry, hair cut apt. Also our little man got a hair cut, I was on the phone for what felt like hours with our medical insurance and I  had appointments as well for myself with audiology, annual eye/contact exam, hair apt,  and 2 Relief Society church meetings all within Mon-Fri of this week. Like I said it has been crazy and so THIS post explained it all. I think all 3 of us (and most of you) are going through different things and craziness in our lives…couple it with the ‘winter’ weather and there you have it. The last few days of February I felt like I was just in survival mode.

Monday night we got a visit from Grandma Terry who was in town for a conference.


By Thursday – I was super duper excited that it was March the 1st!!!! March always feel like Spring is rapidly approaching – which I LOVE Spring weather!- but the funny thing is that here in Texas we haven’t even really had a winter yet….it has been really weird!  I love the change in seasons and am soooo looking forward to sunnier days!

picture source

I almost didn’t go to my WW meeting Thursday because I had eaten so MUCH CRAP all this week (and its also pms week – ugh!) so I was pretty scared of facing the scale since it would be my official weigh in for March. With my husband getting hurt and finding out he is now off work for another 2 weeks – I felt this urgency and anxiousness to force myself to get back into my routine and schedule on the first day of this new month especially since my routine had already been nonexistent the past 2 weeks. So after much mental debate – I decided it was what I needed to do or I would regret not going and feel behind all month.

I weighed in at exactly 140lbs – my WW goal weight.  I am still only 10lbs away from my personal goal but at the same time I am grateful that despite all the craziness I am maintaining where I have been. So I’ll take it. 😉

I set a new goal date in my TargetWeight app to try to get to my goal by Easter which is a little over 4 weeks away.

Thursday Fire Bites:

30 minutes on the elliptical at o’dark thirty!!!  +5

breakfast/post workout at WW meeting after weigh in – EAS ready to drink shake – 3

snack – ZonePerfect snack while running some much needed errands (and getting outta the house 😉 ) – 5

lunch – flat out bread pizza with 2tsp olive oil – 9

(I am so happy I can finally find my FAVORITE flat out bread at the store again!)

my hubby requested Dairy Queen on the way to get a treatment and I got what I thought was the 4pts+ dipped cone when this is really the 6 pts+ dipped cone. :/ oh well – lesson learned.


Later we met up with some of the other awesome Hinson ladies for dinner at Cheddars Casual Cafe before a broadcast for women at church.

Lexy, Devyn and I on our way

My not-so-baby-girl-anymore and I 😉


Me, Lexy, and Roxanne

Maddie and Devyn

Lexy, her mom Claretta and Aunt Windy <—-click their names to read about their incredible journeys!

Roxanne and Aunt Rodna  – gorgeous ladies!


I had never eaten there before and I was only briefly able to check out what they served on their menu on my phone during the day. I went on what Uncle Tim and Aunt Windy said was good and ordered the Hawaiian Chicken Salad – it was SOOO GOOD!!  I was really pleasantly surprised that all the flavors of the marinated grilled chicken, pineapple, salad greens, and the honey lime dressing all went awesomely together!! I will definitely be making my hubby take me there now for date night! I was also really proud of Devyn for making a healthy choice for dinner – she ordered the grilled salmon and picked green beans and sweet baby carrots for sides instead of getting a huge pasta creamy alfredo dish she was eyeing at first. 😉

after the awesome and uplifting conference Lexy, Devyn and I stopped by and tried a new FroYo place called Menchie’s right around the corner from our usual place we go to. It was a super cute little place with lots of good CREAMY flavors and  fun different toppings! I tried the cake batter and chocolate silk and it was to die for!!!! YUM-O!!  I will definitely be going back! 😉


FRIDAY Fire Bites: 

Today was Rodeo Day at school for Gabe since its Houston Rodeo Time!! 😉

He was lovin’ it!  😉

breakfast was a protein waffle on the way to my eye exam

then a Zone bar on the way to my hair apt after checking in on my boys who were in bed watching movies all day 😉


I cracked myself up when I looked up in the mirror and saw this – I felt like a lioness with all that hair on top of my head! The price to try and look cute!!! ;D

sporting a look with bangs this time for something different

found this in my cabinet – ugh – I thought it was 5 points but it is actually SEVEN pts+!!!!!!! geez- sooo not worth it.


flat out bread pizza with turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, spinach and cheese with 2tsp EVOO – 9



Uncle Jim came and got the birthday girls to take them and get manicures and pedicures….and the next thing I know he was texting me pics of a surprise shopping spree!!!!!

of course they were LOVIN IT!!!

then they got their mani’s and pedi’s……

Devyn went along with them and they all LOVED the pampering!!!!  (now my feet are feeling a little left out! 😉 )

Thanks Uncle JIM!!!!!!!


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