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Mother’s Day Weekend

I had a great Mother’s Day weekend. Cyndi decided to have Cruz’s baby blessing in Texas! We had tons of family in town and it was great to spend time with everyone! We have a pretty big family and we had a lot of fun visiting with the people that could make it. We truly missed the family that lives so far away!! It’s hard to recap all of the fun, but I think between the three of us, you will get a good perspective.


It’s been a few days away from the blog, but it is good to be back! I will have to go back a few days to catch up…


I spent most of Thursday cleaning house and getting organized for our company that was coming into town. We decided not to attend our weekly WW meeting so we could get everything on our “to-do” list accomplished! It ended up being a very good choice, although I missed our weekly dose of motivation!! :)

(protein waffle w/raspberries, spinach protein smoothie, turkey chili with spaghetti squash and pico, half the fat ice cream, protein pancake, apple w/ cinnamon, pizza style egg beaters, butternut squash fries, 3 triangles of the boy’s quesadilla)

**did a 45 minute circuit work-out at the track**



More of the same…. cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.

(muscle milk, pizza style egg beaters, spinach protein smoothie, turkey chili w/spaghetti squash and pico, whey protein fruit smoothie, chicken and roasted veggies, menchie’s frozen yogurt)

**met up at the gym for upper body weights followed by 30 minutes of elliptical**



Keller and Courtney put us through an awesome work-out at the gym. It was so fun for all of us to be together!

After that, we all headed back to Carman’s to wait for the rest of the company to arrive. We visited with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. We managed to have an adult night out for Rudy’s BBQ!

(peanut butter, protein smoothie, protein waffle w/banana, subway turkey sub, half the fat ice cream, lean brisket with beans, menchie’s frozen yogurt)



I loved Mother’s Day. Torry got me a dozen roses!

I am so lucky to have these two as my sons. I love them more than I can adequately express!  :)

It was also nice to be able to meet up with my mom at church! She is a wonderful mother and I have had so much fun this year watching her transformation. It’s awesome that we have now completed 2 races together!!! The San Jacinto Fun Run and Blue Bell Fun Run!

Meagan, Sarah, Terry, Cyndi, Carman, and Me….

It was great to meet Danielle in person! We featured her Success Story HERE! And Cyndi’s sister Sherilynn is a trip! I loved her so much. It was great to see the sisters together!! They are too cute! Look for her story soon!!!!! We are not letting her off the hook…. she is one hawt chic!

(peanut butter, egg/sausage casserole, pork taco, chips/salsa, fruit, candy, red velvet cake, texas sheet cake, ice cream)



**Had an awesome one hour HASU walk with the girls**

It’s always sad to see an awesome weekend come to an end! After everyone said their good-bye’s I went home and took a much needed nap! When the boys got home from school, we headed out to the grocery store to stock up on food… I’m looking forward to a new week! I’m so thankful for a fun family weekend!!! I sure do love our krazy and fun family!!

(2 protein waffles, spinach protein smoothie, cereal, protein bar, turkey chili with spaghetti squash and pico)

In an effort to get more sleep, I’m going to bed early!!! :)  I hope you had a great weekend!!!

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