Must I Go To Confession Again?

The last few days have been a whirlwind of travel, appointments, responsibilities, and no self control! 😉  I attended my weekly Weight Watchers meeting today and that always helps me feel better. Karen’s meetings are so good… and it the words of her grand daughter… we need to “Get a grit!” Hahaha- She meant to say “get a grip”…

Before I go down a spiral that I don’t want to go down, I thought I just needed to post my menus and resolve to do better. It seems like the last few days I have started out with good intentions, and then circumstances that I’m not really prepared for happen. Things are far from perfect around here, so I guess that just makes me human. So, without further adieu… my Fire Bites for the week:


I was still in Orlando and woke up early and did the elliptical for an hour. +10 It was the cadillac of ellipticals! I loved it…  One of my favorite movies was on TV while I worked out…. “Eat, Pray, Love!” I never could get into the book… but I LOVED the movie! I highly recommend it to anyone!

Pre work out – Banana

Beth was cool and we ate a lot of my regular Weight Watcher’s favorites- Cheesy Eggs With Pico

I knew we had a lot of errands to run that day, so I had second breakfast! Protein Waffle

We visited the Titanic Museum. As you entered the museum, your ticket represented an actual passenger aboard the Titanic. My person was Mrs. Arthur Larned Ryerson. She was traveling with her husband, 2 daughters, 1 son, and her maid. The family had traveled to Europe to find husband’s for the older girls. Shortly after arriving in Europe, however, the Ryerson’s received horrible news: one of their sons had been killed in an automobile accident. The family was hurrying back on the first ship available in order to attend the funeral on April 19, 1912. Mrs. Ryerson was so devastated that she remained in her cabin much of the journey. Mrs. Ryerson, her children, and the maid survived Titanic, sadly… her husband did not.

It was so sad to read about the true stories and the lives of the passengers of the ships. My grandma (Meemaw) was from Italy. After getting engaged to my grandpa (Peepaw) after WWII, she came to America on a ship. I talked to my mom about it and found out that she was on Saturnia in 1948, 37 years after the Titanic! Crazy!!

Panera bread: half a turkey sandwich, chips, cookie, diet pepsi, and a bite or 2 of a pastry…

After lunch, we drove through Orlando to run some errands for Beth…

She had a purchase to retrieve!!

We were just hoping it wouldn’t fall out the back!!

This was cracking us up! Thank goodness for idiot lights!!!

No really….. thank goodness for idiot lights!!!

While I was in Florida, I didn’t have my car phone charger… so by 4pm, my phone was dead…. what is NOT pictured is the 2.5 Tollhouse cookies I ate when we were leaving the mall at 9pm…. and the dinner I ate at Carrabba’s at 10pm!! I had bread dipped in oil, 1.5 cheese sticks, and Beth and I split the Chicken Bryan…. (I think that is what it was called??) I WAS STUFFED TO THE MAXXXX!


Woke up early so I could get to the airport to head back to Houston. Beth made me a greek yogurt fruit smoothie!! Thx Beth!!! It was perfecto!

Sad to say good bye to friends!

We have taken this picture so many times…… she laughs, I cry! :) :(

Changing planes in Miami… yay for Muscle Milk Lite at the airport!

Bye to Florida!

Zone Bar in flight!

As soon as I landed and grabbed my luggage from baggage claim, I met my mom and we raced to Sugar Land for my dentist appt. I knew I was going to have a numb mouth for several hours so we stopped in at Subway to fill up! Turkey sandwich, a cookie, and diet Coke!

My phone did NOT run out of batteries…. but I had more than one bowl of ice cream for dinner!


45 minutes of cardio at the gym (15 bike, 30 elliptical)

Protein waffle with bananas

I went up to my husband’s office to get worked on. Since the burpee challenge, I have had lots of shoulder pain and headaches. He worked on me for about an hour and a half and it was great! I can tell a huge difference and am so grateful for the time he spent.

Carman and I are teaching a class this weekend at a women’s retreat at church…. I still had not gone to the grocery store, so I was living on protein bars. (Not nearly as satisfying as REAL food!!!)  This should say ***red alert, red alert** This day will go downhill fast….

My kind husband left this open bag of M&M’s sitting in the passenger seat in the car….. THEY WERE STARING AT ME! I took ’em down!

I work with the youth group at church on Wednesday nights…. so I was there from 7-8:30, then I came home to host a Blog To Lose chat from 9-10pm…. and finished the night with more than one bowl of rice crispy cereal!!!


Went to the grocery store first thing this morning! And then picked up Carman on the way to our WW mtg. Grrrreat meeting and Karen was awesome. She is so real and I love her meetings!

Back to tracking points:

Peanut butter before grocery store – 1

Protein waffle with bananas – 5

Protein bar after WW – 5

Preparing for our class this weekend over at Carman’s. Luckily she had turkey chili on hand and some fresh spinach – 5

Roasted turnips with ketchup – 1

Half the fat ice cream – 3

Karen told us about organic cinnamon flavored flaxseed oil by Spectrum. I have been needed to get my oils in and this is the perfect way! I added the oil to my protein smoothie and it was perfect! It added a great flavor! – 4

Kody made oatmeal cookies tonight – 6

So, that brings us to now….  I’m just recommitting to taking pictures of the foods that I eat using my dietSNAPS app on my iPhone…. gonna work on getting my healthy guidelines in each day, making sure I’m getting exercise and water everyday, and making the best choices possible in every situation I find myself in! I love the flexibility of WW…. I just have to keep the right mind set!!

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