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My Door Got A Lot Of Action Today!

Seems like every time I opened my door today there was a surprise staring me in the face!! I started out the day with breakfast… like most mornings… ūüėČ ¬†Then I got busy with my paperwork/computer work for the day.

Protein waffle with strawberries! I love this time of year…. these strawberries were awesome!! ¬†-5

I was interrupted by the doorbell… I normally don’t have people just drop by, so I was really curious who it was… by the time I opened the door I just saw the tail lights of the FEDEX truck… he was offffff….. I was surprised to see the gift I ordered for my son just yesterday was already delivered. His 14th birthday is next Tuesday!!! 14!!!!!!!

Whey protein fruit smoothie Р2  Recipe HERE

Pizza quesadilla Р4  Recipe HERE

Then I got a surprise text that said “Check Your Front Door!!” I opened it up and almost had a heart attack with this balloon staring me in the face!!! ¬†Thanks Carman!!! The Coke Zero and Mentos hit the spot for my afternoon snack! (Haven’t looked up the points for the Mentos yet!)

And she knows me sooo well!!!!! Can’t wait to hit “The Cube”!!!! :) :) ¬†Who knows the Cube?? Any Marshall’s shoppers out there???

Protein bar – 6

Then Aunt Windy surprised me by picking up my race packet for the 5K this weekend!!! I’m super excited for my mom! She is doing her first 5K ever!!! Should be a lot of fun!

We met up with all the girls before a Women’s Conference tonight…..

We ate at Cheddar’s and I had the Hawaiian Chicken Salad…. with half the dressing. Uncle Tim said it was 8 pts…. Aunt Windy said 10…. who should I trust???

Me and my mom! Click  HERE to read about her weight loss journey! She is on Week 32!

Carman, Me, and Roxanne!

Me, Mom, and Aunt Windy! <— click her name to read about her awesome transformation!!!

Roxanne and Aunt Rodna strike a pose!

Madison and Devyn hanging with the old ladies! :)

Ran into Brenya and Rachelle and lots of friends tonight at the Women’s Conference. They all think I’m crazy for taking pictures every time we see each other…. but it’s FuN! :)

Devyn, Carman and I hit the new Frozen Yogurt place…. we’ve been wanting to try it out!! Sooooo Goooood!!!

K—– I’m going to BED!!!! Hope you had an awesome day! :) :)

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3 thoughts on “My Door Got A Lot Of Action Today!

  1. Bethany

    Fun pics. Can’t believe Ty will be 14! I would have totally gone to “the Cube” with you! Your hair looks cute. Can’t wait to hear about your mom’s race this weekend! There’s a Menchie’s down the street from us- is it good? Maybe someday when I’m not on medical house-arrest I’ll be able to go.


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