Great Harvest veggie sandwich

My new favorite sandwich

Recap from Monday…a pretty chillaxing day.  My dad wanted to get breakfast at the No Worries cafe (the place Keller and I went to on Friday).

Breakfast: Hack Attack again

Mom and I went to Whole Foods to stock up on some healthy yummies!

Stopped by Great Harvest to try their sandwiches.  I ordered the veggie on whole wheat, it had tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions, red pepper spread and cheese.  Made the mistake of “testing” a bag of chips I bought for Cole, ended up having about a serving!

And couldn’t pass up a delicious oatmeal cookie, just like WW’s except not and soooo many more points! 😉

Went out to the garage to grab some water and opened the fridge to my delight.  My daddy bought my favorite!

Cole got home from school and wanted some pretzels w/cheese.  It sounded so yummy I joined him!

Dinner: leftover spaghetti primavera

Snack: apple w/peanut butter oh and maybe a bite of that sugar cookie

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