My Review Of Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation

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I finally had the chance to watch the Dr. Oz show from Monday! If you haven’t already heard, he is partnering with Weight Watchers!! He opened the show by saying that “this is the year for YOU! The year you lose the weight for good. Put YOU at the top of the list. You are worth it. You can’t take care of everything else if you don’t take care of yourself.”

He asked the audience and essentially us… “why are you deciding now to make a change in your weight? What has held you back or prevented you from making changes before now?”

Several of the answers that the audience gave were the fact that they didn’t have a work out partner, support from friends and family, and most of them didn’t know where to start?!?  I completely agree!  Click here to ready my thoughts on the need to Buddy Up!

He went on to say that having a program/plan is critical. Don’t go it alone. “When you have a program you have structure. You have a place to go with the answers, instead of struggling on your own. Just need someone organizing it for you.” He partnered with Weight Watchers because they do just that!  

He went over 4 key factors about Weight Watchers and how it can help you!

First, they teach you the things you need to know to make smarter choices in your foods. All the science has been done, and you are left with the numbers. The numbers tell you the nutritional impact that the food will have on your body. You are free to choose what you want to eat. You begin to make decisions based on what gives you more “bang for your buck.” WW members get a personalized points plus budget, based on height, weight, age, and whether they are male/female. You can click on the Official Weight Watchers Page to find out more information.

Second, don’t give up the foods that you love! Everyone gets an additional 49 pts plus per week to work in the things you love. For me personally, this is one of my favorite things about Weight Watchers!  I find that Substitution Helps and I love to find healthier versions of the things I love to eat!

Third, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. No limits on fruits and veggies. Zero points. It makes it easier to choose healthier options. When you slip and fall it’s easier to get back up again.  Here are several new veggies we have tried…. and LOVED! Butternut Squash Fries, Cyndi’s Famous Spinach Smoothie, Parsnip FriesSpaghetti SquashCucumber, Tomato and Onion Saladetc…

And fourth, Weight Watchers provides a support system. Weekly meetings provide a leader that has personal experience with losing weight. You meet with same group each week. They give you tips, recipes, strategies. You can ask questions and get the support and accountability you need. Carman shares her thoughts on how important the meetings have been for her and other Ways To Get Support.

If you are interested in joining the Million Dollar Transformation Challenge CLICK HERE!  Who thinks we should get MY MOM to enter??

You might also be interested in reading each of our weight loss stories…. Lexy, Carman, and Cyndi!  

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  1. Claretta

    OK, everyone stand back! I’ve signed up for Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation and will (1) lose more weight and
    (2) win $1 million dollars. Woooohoooo!!!


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