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So much for posting every day…ha…well we all knew that wouldn’t last long 😉  Last week was a pretty good week.  I didn’t have much going on and Keller was still in his training so I was able to focus on my eating and getting my workouts in.  That is, until Keller and Dave returned from a week of eating MRE’s and wanted to be “fat kids” for the weekend.  I struggled eating within my points all weekend and it messed me up in the head.  It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I went on an all out binge and I kind of thought I was strong enough not to ever do it again.  Now I shouldn’t be too hard on myself because I have definitely had worse weekends, but because it’s been so long, this felt pretty bad to me!

So here’s an example of my Wednesday…clean, within points!!

Then I’m not sure what happened to pics from Thursday, but here’s Friday (did not eat that whole croissant, but I wanted to, only had 3 bites and the chocolate covered gummy bears were Dave’s, I tried 2, they were gross)

*weighed in Friday, lost 0.1

Saturday most of the pics are from our early Mother’s Day dinner.  We went to a delicious restaurant called Pago.  We shared a mushroom risotto and beet salad for starters.  I shared a burger that was amazing with Sherilynn and had some of her gnocchi.  Other eats were a protein shake after yoga, and pretzels, popcorn, and red vines while watching the Avengers with Keller and Cole.

This bottom picture is my sister Michelle relishing the smell of my sister Sherilynn’s wine…Michelle does not drink but loves the smell of wine!


The pictures may not look that bad to you, but remember this does not show portions!!!!!

I’m also struggling with self confidence.  I’m expecting more of myself and more out of my body then I think is realistic right now.  I’m surrounded by people who are doing awesome with weight loss, or sticking to diets, or are hardcore in their workouts, or just looking awesome and instead of it being motivating it’s depressing me.  I know I will not be my goal weight in a month, I know that it’s pretty awesome that I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight a month after having a baby, I know that I have to be patient with my physical fitness abilities, I know I need to be more strict when counting points, I know that if I want something I’ve never had, I need to do something I’ve never done.  I know all these things and I guess I just need to remind myself of them EVERY DAY!  My husband always tells me that my self confidence was one of the things he always found the most attractive.  So I struggle between being able to express how I feel (or complain about myself) to the one person that I can, and trying to “fake it til I make it”.  Oh man, am I becoming one of those whiny, annoying girls??  Somebody stop me!

It’s easier to see the good in others then you do in yourself.  I recently had a conversation with someone who I will refer to as “Chex Mix”.  Chex Mix has lost quite a bit of weight in the past few months by counting calories and working out.  Well, Chex Mix still thinks he/she is not skinny enough and is beginning to become obssesive in an unhealthy way.  Losing weight can cause us all to become a little obsessive, so it’s important to take a step back and really think about what we’re doing.  I asked Chex Mix if he/she wanted to keep off all the weight he/she has worked so hard to lose or if he/she wanted to mess their body up so bad that when he/she stopped being hardcore all the  weight would come back plus some!  I pointed out that number on the scale is not as important as how Chex Mix had to buy new clothes to fit in.  And of course these are all things that sometimes we have to hear from other people to make us realize how stupid we are sometimes.  I hope Chex Mix and I can get the “slow and steady wins the race” mentality and give ourselves more credit for even the smallest accomplishments (even if they are a 0.1 pound weight loss).

In one of my hot yoga classes last week as we were coming into a Warrior 1 pose and facing the mirror the teacher said…”be in the pose and no judgements”.  I didn’t realize it at first but she was basically saying stop looking in the mirror and judging your body, which ironically I was doing at that very moment. So I end this post telling you NO JUDGEMENTS!


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