My One Year Anniversary with Weight Watchers & dietSNAPS!!!!!!


One year ago today I signed up at the Weight Watchers location to start attending the meetings since I was having zero progress and accountability doing it online the month before. I weighed in that day at 158.8 lbs!!!!  When I signed up for WW’s before in 2008, I lived in Florida and went by myself. Lexy signed up with me a year ago on the same day and it was SO NICE to have someone with me in the meetings this time around. It was a pretty rough start for me in the beginning. I gained the first 3 weeks starting the new PointsPlus program and was ready to give up!!! But thanks to Lexy and Cyndi and having this blog we shared to help each other – they motivated me to stick with it and I am SOO GLAD I did!!!!! I would not be where I am today without these gals, our blog, Weight Watchers and dietSNAPS.

What a difference one year and being 20 lbs less makes!!!!  I am still amazed every time I see side by side pictures like this!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot today about what I have learned over this last year and being on this journey. I wanted to share them with you (and to serve as a reminder to myself) of the things that have made me successful.

My top 10 most important things I have learned on my journey this past year:

1. It is a LIFESTYLE change – not a diet!!!!  I had to learn that concept and ACCEPT it in order for this to work. I also learned I could have those not-so-healthy foods that I dearly love – but that I had to learn to eat them in moderation and to always plan when I would allow myself to eat them so I can always stay in control – instead of letting food control me.

2. Track Track Track! I learned that I HAVE to track what I eat/drink/exercise because I do get lazy when I don’t.  I also learned that I am visual person and using the dietSNAPS app for a YEAR now has literally changed my life on how I see and deal with food and was the best method I had ever come across for tracking. Try it out for one week and see what YOU think! 😉

3. Learn to LOVE exercise by making it FUN!!  It HAS to be part of this new lifestyle or you won’t get far. I learned that I LOVED trying new classes like the 6 week Body by Frances Boot Camp I did or new classes at our 24 Hour Fitness gym like Muscle Blast, Boot Camp, Spin, and Body Pump!!! I also love running and try to sign up for 5K, 10K’s and hopefully another half marathon in the future to kept things fun and challenging!  I have seen my body change and take new shape from challenging myself in these classes by incorporating strength training with circuit training and cardio.

4. Get a Friend that has similar goals to do it with you!!!  The buddy system really does work! Like I said before, I would have given up had I not had Lexy and Cyndi and our blog here to help keep me motivated.  It is a lifesaver!

5. Attend your WW meetings and own your weigh ins! This is hard – but it is all about keeping it real and facing the facts of your journey. When you have a great week then take ownership of that and be happy and proud of your accomplishment no matter how big or small!!  If you have a bad week – its OK because everyone has set backs  – but getting on that scale and owning it means you are accepting the fact that you are not perfect,  and  you are gonna let it be a guide and motivator to resolve to do better the next week.  Also, when you attend the WW meetings you get tons of motivation and ideas!!!!

6. Don’t compare yourself to others!!!!! This one really is easier said than done for sure. When I find myself going there and comparing myself to others,  I now immediately think of a quote I heard that said  “When we compare ourselves to others, we are comparing their strengths to our weaknesses”.  That always helps me put things back into perspective and go back to comparing and competeting with MYSELF. My goal is to be my BEST SELF I can be. So I will look at old pictures, body measurements, clothing sizes, or past scale weights to see how I am progressing . Only when I do it that way am I being fair and nice to ME.

7. Make a list of your favorite foods and meals! This REALLY comes in handy all the time. Some days you don’t feel like fixing anything but can be motivated when you look at your list of trusted foods. Also after trying new things some times we forget about things we liked in the beginning – so its nice to have an ongoing list to keep adding to for ideas.

8. Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy and your favorite choices!  I always have to remind myself that ‘I can’t eat it if I don’t buy it-or make it’ (in my case cause I love to cook!) I love that I discovered the ZonePerfect bars almost a year ago that have lots of protein and taste awesome for only 5pts+!!  I have not gotten tired of them YET and still eat one everyday as a snack. There are lots of ways to replace the things you love with healthier choices.

9. Read healthy living blogs and recipe blogs for inspiration and ideas!!!  Reading others success stories and journey’s motivates me and reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to!  Some motivating peeps I follow are Keeping Up With Katie, Peanut Butter Fingers, Peanut Butter Runner, Roni’s Weigh, SkinnyRunner, just to name a few ladies that are just awesome!   I also love reading recipe blogs because I am always on the lookout for healthy new recipes and meal ideas to try for my family. I have come across several ones I love like Hungry Girl,  SkinnyTaste, GreenLiteBites, Danica’s Daily, and Dashing Dish. Its all about helping each other, motivating, and sharing ideas!!!

10. Just Keep On Keeping On!!  In the beginning when I was ready to give up I decided this would be my mantra. That no matter what I would just keep on keeping on and eventually something good would happen – and guess what!! It did!!! I had LOTS of ups and downs on this journey but I always came out on top in the end because I just kept sticking with it and putting one foot in front of the other. 😉 It still gets me through the rough times even today.

I hope these tips help you with your journey!!!!!  If I can do it – ANYONE can do this!!!

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36 year old military wife of 18 years and stay at home mom to 4 incredible kids (3 girls ages 17, 11, 11 and our son is 6). After my 4th, and final baby, I decided I wanted to be more active, healthier, happier, and to be an example to my kids. I joined Weight Watchers and started using the Points Plus program to learn portion control, moderation, and develop healthier habits. I also used the dietSNAPS app to track my meals and it was such a life changer for me to literally *see* what I was putting in my body! Cyndi, Lexy and I created this blog to be accountability partners and that has been a huge key to this journey! I love to cook and I love converting my favorite recipes into a healthier version for my family to enjoy! I love the after effects of exercising :) I love challenging myself to fitness goals to change things up and in doing so I have run numerous 5K/10K's, several half marathons, one full 26.2 marathon, and a Tough Mudder. I love circuit training, weight training, and running sprints. My goal is to inspire others to take their health seriously, and to show how small changes can lead to big results.

2 thoughts on “My One Year Anniversary with Weight Watchers & dietSNAPS!!!!!!

  1. Claudia

    Awesome job! You look great, and I know you feel great :) Thanks for the tips…sometimes its nice to re-read this from time to time to reinforce it.


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