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Orlando Surprise!

Well… an interesting twist in events! Yesterday, after my Weight Watchers meeting I got invited to fly to Orlando for the weekend! Beth and Adrian just moved back to the states after being in St. Kitts for 4 years. Adrian wanted to surprise Beth… so it was pretty fun making all of the arrangements yesterday for me to make the trip. It worked out to be a perfect weekend because I didn’t have too many obligations to get out of… there were a few, I hope I got them all covered okay. 😉

I woke up at 3am to prepare for a long day! I was out the door at 4am and on my way to the airport – banana w/ 1 tsp of peanut butter – 1

Before boarding the flight – Zone Bar – 5

In Dallas I got lucky to find a Subway right outside the gate where I was boarding the next plane… Turkey Sandwich on the flight – 7

I needed a pick me up :)

Apples – 0

Adrian picking me up at the airport in Orlando! (Talking to Beth- haha!)

So fun seeing the kids!! Pepperoni Pizza – 7

There was a pilot writing messages in the sky – too cool!

4 years ago… Beth and I pulled an all nighter while packing her up to move to the Caribbean… As we were watching the movers unload boxes into their new home… we were laughing at messages I had written on the boxes that night… haha!!

Some of their new friends Clark and Heather invited us all over for dinner! We had a great time getting to know them and listening to some funny stories! :)  Baked Ziti x 2, side salad, and bread stick…

Brownie and ice cream for dessert –

It’s been a great day and I’m so glad I was able to come for the weekend!!

Oh—- I have another topic I need to talk about. This is one I have been dreading talking about. I’m not sure if y’all remember all of the crazy headaches I’ve been having. Well, they are coming from the fact that my left shoulder has been killing me!! The burpees are making it worse and it’s literally at the point that I HATE DOING them!! My husband (the chiropractor) has worked on me several times and keeps telling me to stop doing them. I did not want to be labeled a quitter…. so I have been forcing myself to do them anyway. At this point, it’s my pride that is in the way. I don’t want to admit that I can’t complete the 100 day challenge….  I really want to quit, but I hate being a quitter… does that make any sense? Anyway… I had a long talk with my husband and Carman about it and finally decided that I need to stop doing them. The pain in my shoulder, the headaches and not being able to sleep at night is not worth it.  I’m kind of relieved to get that off my chest… I officially made it to day 79 out of 100….  does that mean I made a C+???? Did I pass the Burpees Class???

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4 thoughts on “Orlando Surprise!

  1. Cyndi

    Ha! Ok so let’s rewind to the text conversation we had about a month ago where you and Carman told me I was honorably released from the burpee challenge. Well, now you know how it feels to go unwillingly! 😉 I’m glad you made the right decision!!


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