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Our 2011 FireLitesFire Reflections

January 2011

Lexy – I started 2011 really motivated to follow the 4 Hour Body diet by Tim Ferris. The main thing I learned is that I can usually follow a strict diet when I set my mind to it… but it also makes me angry and emotional because I feel so restricted. I felt like I could only eat at home to be able to stick to it…  I was cranky with my kids and didn’t feel like I saw a drastic difference. Even though I was able to lose approximately 12 lbs that month, I didn’t feel like it was that noticeable or worth it! I was so glad when that month ended!

Carman-I started Four Hour Body with the rest of the gang and it was one of the hardest, most frustrating, restrictive eating plans I have ever been on. I didn’t loose the weight I thought I should have with how good I was eating. I ate lentils for the first time ever and realized that I could eat eggs with black beans and spinach for breakfast everyday because of how long it kept me full.  Glad that was only 4 weeks long.

Cyndi– 4 hour body, that’s all I remember about January. I actually enjoyed the 4 hour body I think mostly because we were all doing it together, boys and girls.  My husband and I were actually on the same diet, kind of.  I also learned how much beans really do keep you full.  However, it was super restrictive, made me gorge myself every cheat day, and I didn’t lose anywhere near the amount of weight I should have considering we ate meat, veggies, and beans for a month.



Lexy– I really wanted to go back to something more flexible. Weight Watchers had worked for me in the past. I knew that WW had unveiled a new Points Plus program because I had signed up online back in November of 2010. I finally made the decision to give up everything I knew about the “old” WW program and learn everything about the new one. During February, I experimented with dietSNAPS to track my food. Following WW Online was great, but I noticed that I would still cheat more than I should because I wasn’t really accountable to anyone.

Carman– Went back to Weight Watchers online that we all three had joined back in November.  I finally got to start using dietSNAPS to track my food once I got an iPhone again. 😉  It was a hard month coming from 4 hour body to discipline myself to learn the program doing it online.

Cyndi– Feb was a rough month, I started fertility treatments, signed-up for a half marathon, and Keller left for Korea for 3 weeks.  Just tried to eat healthy and workout with my trainer David.  The stress of trying to get pregnant was overwhelming.



Lexy– After talking with the girls, we decided to sign up for the Weight Watchers meetings. Cyndi, Carman and I went together to our first meeting on March 3rd and I weighed in at 156 lbs! I was so disappointed in myself because I had worked so hard in January on the 4 Hour Body. I couldn’t believe how fast the weight had come back. I was determined to learn the new Points Plus program and stick to it no matter how long it took me to reach my goal! I made a commitment to track all of my food intake using my dietSNAPS app! I attended two weddings that month and was still able to lose approximately 7 lbs. I loved the flexibility!

Carman– Decided I needed the meetings for accountablilty so we went to our first meeting and signed up on March 4th.  My starting weight was 158.8lbs. I gained weight the first 2 weeks on the new Points Plus plan and was really leary of this new plan working. After it taking the whole month of March for my body to adjust, I finally started seeing a slow weight loss.  I lost 2.6lbs.  I even went on a trip to NYC with my oldest daughter and was still able to loose weight!

Cyndi– So I went to the meeting with Carman and Lexy, but my heart wasn’t in it.  I was skeptical of WW, I had done it before and hated it.  I counted points, but I wasn’t diligent about sticking to them.  I refused to go to meetings thinking I could do it myself online.  I was still training for the marathon and still had baby’s on the mind.



Lexy– This is the month that I was told I might be obsessing too much over Weight Watchers. Hahaha! It was at the end of April and I was heading out of town for Easter. We were taking a huge family picture and I had been stressed about it. I had high hopes that I would have lost more weight and I was so disappointed that I didn’t lose as much as I wanted. I stopped in at a 24 Hour Fitness to do my weekly weigh in…. this was not at my normal meeting location. I started asking the leader (a male leader) for advice and to see how I could lose weight faster. He said that WW was designed to lose anywhere from .5 to 2 lbs per week and I was right on track. He said I should relax and just follow the program. Not to stress over a time table and let the weight come off gradually. This was a lifestyle change!!! After that pep talk… I checked in with Carman and Cyndi and they totally agreed with him! So…. I tried to relax!!! I lost approximately 6 lbs for the month.

Carman-I finally earned my first alb star! I adopted the motto ‘Just  Keep On Keeping On’ – I wasn’t getting the results I wanted as fast as I wanted them but I figured if this program worked for other people then surely it would eventually work for me. So I just needed to stick to it – and I would tell myself everyday ‘Just Keep on Keepin On!’  I realized how important it was to track everything I ate and keep learning the points values to the foods I was eating.  I also found a new Jeff Galloway running app to help me get motivated to run again.  I lost a total of 4.2lbs this month. Total weight loss so far was- 6.4lbs.

Cyndi– This was the month of my half marathon and 30th birthday.  I was so proud of myself for accomplishing the goal of running the race.  I had always hated running and never had the desire run a marathon.  Lexy and Carman had inspired me with their races and I jumped on the bandwagon.  Turning 30 was tough, but I survived and at the end of April made the commitment to finally start REALLY doing WW.



Lexy– May brought with it a trip to Phoenix to visit one of my best friends, another wedding and a huge family get together! I went into each of these events with confidence knowing that I could make healthy choices and I could use my extra weekly points to indulge in the “must have” desserts! I bought a new dress for the first time in years and I even got to try the famous Sprinkles Cupcakes for the first time! I was so amazed that I could eat normal foods in moderation and still lose weight. My weight loss did slow down significantly that month. One week I gained .4, then lost 1.6, then gained .8, then lost 1.2….. ending the month having lost approximately 1.6 lbs. I remember being really frustrated that month and Carman, Cyndi and I were all on a walk together. We created the term H.A.S.U. (hook a sister up!) We love the support we get from each other and so we all agreed when one of us is down the other two should be able to give straight-forward-with-all-the-love-of-a-sister-in-law-in-the-world kind of advice to that person. We decided to come up with a code word to use as a warning to that person that they were about to get some blunt, truthful advice that they might not want to hear at that moment–but it is intended to help bring them back to the great realm of how far we have come and to count our many blessings.

Carman-To start the month off I did the Houston Lupus 5K for my cousin for the WW’s Walk-It Challenge. I walked with my cousin and some of my family members including my mother and it was so awesome to be a part of that with them. I  joined a Boot Camp studio and I loved it! I earned a 5lb star and I got my 5% award. I also switched my WW account to start using my activity points first instead of my weekly points allowance and that made a HUGE difference in my mentality and success. My husband was gone for 6 weeks. This month was super busy!!! Had lots of end of the year school stuff with the kids. I got to visit one of my best friends in AZ for her daughters high school graduation and then fly out to see my husbands graduation. Memorial Day weekend we had a wedding reception and a big family get together. Total weight loss – 7.8lbs.

Cyndi– My first real month committed to the plan.  I was learning the program, trying to do it my way and realizing it wasn’t going to work.  I squeezed in my detox diet trying to jump start the weight loss, it ended up just setting me back when I binged the next week.  This was a learning month.



Lexy– This is the month I finally broke through and reached my Weight Watchers Goal!!! I was so incredibly happy! Never in my adult life… especially after having children… had I weighed under 140lbs! I went to the beach with my boys that day and my son took pictures of me in my bathing suit. I could not believe the difference!! I would never have taken those pictures before… much less have them posted on my website! When I got home that night, my husband surprised me with a beautiful necklace to represent my accomplishment. I love wearing that necklace because of what it means to me! I also started looking for old pictures of myself to really see how far I had come. Carman had some pretty scary ones that I had never really looked at before…. it was crazy to see them side by side with the current pictures!

Carman– I loved the Boot Camp and Kickboxing classes! After all that hard work I finally started seeing the ‘fruits of my labors’ that I had wanted to see in the beginning. It was taking a while for my body to adapt to this plan but finally the pounds were melting away and I was still eating  some of the same foods I had eaten  before- only now I eat it in moderation and I plan for it. It was about this month that I was starting to see this be a lifestyle change. At the end of the month, I reached my WW goal weight and 16 week award and earned my 10% award keychain!!!!!  It was such an awesome moment for me to have set a goal and accomplished it!!!  I shared what I felt was working for me at our WW meeting HERE. Total weight loss -15lbs

Cyndi– Keller left for the Czech Republic for 6 weeks.  I wanted to try really hard to work on getting myself on track while we was gone.  We went up to Utah for a couple weeks and I found that it was easier for me than it had been in the past to eat healthy while around my family.  I was starting to feel good about myself and good about sticking to the program.  I introduced the family to protein pancakes and they made fun of my taking pictures of my food.  By the end of the month I was down a total of almost 10lbs in 14 weeks.



Lexy– I really enjoy working out and trying new forms of exercise! Two friends of mine (Hi Cathy and Brenya!!) both had been telling me such good things about Bikram Yoga! There was a deal going around on the internet and I signed up for 10 sessions! I loved it! Now that I had reached my Weight Watchers goal, I had to learn to maintain it. To become a lifetime member of WW, you have to maintain your weight for at least 6 weeks! This was my post from the day I received my Lifetime Award!

Carman-A crazy busy month! My cousins wife was in a tragic accident and I spent a lot of time trying to help their family while she was in the hospital in Houston. It was an emotionally stressful month. It was also my husband and I’s 15th wedding anniversary. I also spent all month as the Girls Camp Director getting things ready and prepared for for the last week in the hot and humid Louisana heat for our church Girls Camp.  I was able to lose 4 lbs.

Cyndi– Staying steady on my WW plan I tried to change things up to see if I could spark a jump in weight loss.  Carman suggested to start eating my activity points.  My activity points were between 8-20 points, some days I would do hot yoga and spin.  I loved it and I felt great.  At the end of the 3-week trial, I actually ended up losing 0, I gained 1lb, then lost 0.6, then lost 0.4.  I was not happy, but I was proud of myself for sticking to the program and not getting frustrated with the lack of results.



Lexy– This is the month that I got to visit one of my best friends that was in town from the Caribbean! It was so great to see her and catch up! We also moved across town! Another exciting thing was when we decided to switch to Word Press and switch our blog to self hosting! We had so much to learn and it was all so fun!!! Over all, I was able to maintain my weight even though things were so crazy!!

Carman-I became a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers and got my first Bravo star for the month of August. We took the leap and switched our blog over to wordpress – it was A LOT of work but we are so glad we did! Lots of work getting my house in order and kids ready to start school.  I maintained my weight around 143lbs.

Cyndi– I call this my downhill month.  After 3 strict months on the WW plan and 12 pounds lost, I found out I was pregnant.  Of course I was, cause we were no longer trying and I was totally focused on losing weight.  My husband also had an accident while on a dive trip in Hawaii which was not awesome.  So let’s say there was some serious emotional eating this month.  After Keller got back from Hawaii we went to Portland for a week for a friend’s wedding.  I was starting to feel very nauseas and got to the point where I was eating whatever would make me not feel like barfing.  And that was pretty much carbs!



Lexy– I finally got my gym membership back! (I didn’t have it for a few weeks because of our move!) September ended up being a very tough month for me! Lots of back and forth…. one day good, and one day bad… I think all of the excitement finally caught up to me and I just started getting sloppy with my diet! I wasn’t nearly as healthy in my choices and I put on a few pounds. Luckily, I was still under my Weight Watchers goal so I was able to keep my status as a lifetime member. I realized that the “maintaining” side of the Weight Watchers program was a whole new ballgame! It was definitely a mental shift. Once the kids got back to school and a routine was formed… I started to get back on track! Cyndi was in town for Labor Day and we had some good girl time!

Carman-I felt like life was at all time crazy between getting kids and our family established on a totally different school routine this year and my hubby was out of town most of the month. My husband and I joined 24 Hour Fitness again and I started making it a routine of going and trying new classes. We got to watch sweet little Cole while Cyndi was in Europe for 10 days and then had a fun family get together after.  Thankfully I was able to maintain my weight around 143lbs.

Cyndi– Our month as gypsies.  We moved out of our place in Austin and drove to Tennessee for Keller’s training.  Lived there for almost 3 weeks until Cole and I drove back to TX and I flew to Europe.  Tennessee was pretty good.  I tried really hard to have healthy snacks in our hotel room and we were able to find restaurants where we could eat healthy dinners.  We also got a temporary membership at a gym there which was awesome and we took full advantage of it.  In Europe we walked pretty much all day every day.  I brought my balance bars for snacks and we really didn’t eat a ton especially for all the exercising we were doing.



Lexy– We did a Walk for Candi to help in her fight against cancer. We were also contacted by the team at ShareCare to submit a question for Dr. Oz’s Virtual Doc Talk. :) They asked our question first!! I also struggled this month with comparing myself to others. October is the “unofficial” start of the holiday season! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love candy! I tried to come up with a plan! Overall, I felt like I survived the month and maintained the weight. Miracle!

Carman– We tried the Muscle Blast class at the gym and loved it!! We spent a week changing the look of the blog and getting used to it. We went to Boot Camp by my fav trainer Monica!  Still maintained 143lbs.

Cyndi– Oh crazy Oct, got back from Europe, drove to Utah, and spent a week getting Keller ready to leave.  Let’s be honest, not the best month for eating and exercise.  The best part of this month was being able to do all the walks up the hill and hiking.



Lexy– November was another fresh start. I love the beginning of each new month because I print out a blank calendar and post it to my mirror. It helps keep things in perspective for me. I realize that I have to make good choices on a day by day basis and this is going to be for the rest of my life! My husband and I celebrated 16 years of marriage! We also started the Burpee 100 Day Challenge. Weight Watchers announced the new Points Plus 2012 and it was just the spark I needed!

Carman– – I was proud of myself for maintaing the same weight for the last 4 months!! That’s a huge accomplishment in itself!! Since its my birthday month 😉 I decided to start getting serious again on getting to my personal goal weight. 130lbs is my new personal goal because it is right in the middle of my weight range for my height. (It is also about what I weighed in high school.) My husband started off the month with a 100 Day Burpee Challenge  and I challenged everyone to a Gratitude challenge this month. I went on a shopping trip with my mom and my sister and then I got to go on a weekend trip with my husband (no kids) and spend some much needed time together. We had a nice long Thanksgiving break at my parents ranch and I also celebrated my 34th birthday. 😉  I lost 3.8lbs this month and finally broke off that plateau I had been sitting on.

Cyndi– Our first real month without Daddy.  I quickly had to find things to keep myself busy.  So along with trying to keep tabs on counting my points, I joined the gym.  I was so excited to finally get back into spin classes!  I decided to start my prerequisites for nursing school and started classes for my CNA.  I think this was my best pregnant month so far.  I finally felt like I was back into a routine.



Lexy– The new dietSNAPS website went live and I am really excited to blog for them! Our long awaited trip to Estes Park finally arrived! I thoroughly enjoyed being able to take 2 weeks off with my family. We have not taken a vacation in quite some time! Our hotel had a kitchen and we were able to prepare healthy meals daily. We went snowshoeing, continued our burpee challenge, and worked out in the gym for exercise! Because we are from Houston, we really enjoyed having a white Christmas! We had such a great year and I am really looking forward to the new year!!! I love having this blog with Carman and Cyndi to hold me accountable.

Carman-Our (year long planning) Christmas family trip to Estes Park, CO was finally here!  Our kids were so excited to get their wish to play in the snow for their Christmas this year. I was excited to get to give my kids a Christmas memory this year instead of worrying about all gifts.  It was the best thing we have ever done!  They really appreciated getting to spend time together as a family and making those memories they will remember forever. My kids are already talking about what we want to do as a family next Christmas. :)  My last weigh in before Christmas break, I was at my all time low since starting WW’s in March (and since having my 4th child) of 137.8 lbs for a total weight loss of 21 lbs.. I am so grateful for the progress I have had this year and the goals I have accomplished!!! It is all from taking babysteps, having patience, tracking, working hard, attending meetings and owning my weigh ins, having some more patience, being accountable on this blog, more patience, and having the amazing support system that I do!!!  I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!!

Cyndi– End of my second trimester.  My family started a weight loss challenge 4 weeks before Christmas. I, being pregnant and not advised to go on a “diet”, decided my goal in the challenge would be to maintain my weight for 4 weeks. Instead, I gained 0.6 the first week, lost 2.6 pounds the next week, and then maintained the next 2.  Then came Christmas and I refuse to get on a scale until after I have a week of detoxification!  But I’m excited for the upcoming year and the goals I am hopeful to accomplish.

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3 thoughts on “Our 2011 FireLitesFire Reflections

  1. Julie

    Awesome recap of your year, especially helpful for us new readers to “catch us up!” Love your blog, one of my new favorites!

  2. Claretta

    Since I was “here” for all y’alls ups and downs, and since I’m going thru them myself…I just want to congratulate you girls for your personal accomplishments and let you know what an inspiration you are to me and your readers! I’m determined to make 2012 my year and hope to be featured on your blog, next year at this time!!!

  3. Carman

    Julie – thanks so much for your sweet comment! So glad to hear we’re one of your new favs! 😉

    Claretta – Thank you. You are doing AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see the accomplishments 2012 brings for you!! 😉


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