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Our Christmas Vacation Fun Begins!

Well it has been a cRaZy few weeks!  We have now officially started our Christmas Vacation!!!!  waahhooooo!!!!  So far this month we have survived the church parties, school class parties, hosting a game night and a cookie exchange party, out of town company, dog sitting, christmas shopping, trip planning, birthday party,  out of town family parties, husband out of town for 10 days, sick kiddos, myself coming down sick,  teenager with high school finals, car repairs, dr appointments, Christmas break for school starting, house cleaning, mountains of laundry…….and we are now packed up and on the road like the Beverly Hillbillies!!! 😉  I have a ton of pictures to share from all the craziness above and so I hope while on ‘vacation’ I can do some catching up. For now I will just jump in to today.

We are taking our kids to Estes Park, Colorado for Christmas this year!


We decided last Christmas, as a family, that this year we wanted to make a Christmas memory instead of about  the gifts we get on Christmas. Our kids were zoo excited and all for it!!!  I asked them if they wanted to go to Disney World and unanimously they all said “NO!! We wanna go somewhere to play in the snow!!”  So in February, we made it official and I booked Christmas week at a resort in the quaint little town of Estes Park. We have no set plans or itinerary when we arrive there…..which anyone who knows me knows that it is NOT normal for me to not have a plan 😉 …….but I am soooooo looking forward to just chillaxin and doing whatever we feel like doing when we wake up each morning. We’re excited that Torry, Lexy, and the boys will be hanging out with us!! Fun times ahead for sure!! 😉



My Monday Fire Bites 

*5 mile run with the gals  +10

did my 49 burpees for today and then my 48 for yesterday

*I have been wayyyyy behind on my burpees and playing catch up. On Saturday, I had 741 burpees to do to be caught up. I did 321 that day, 120 a couple days before that – ao now I still have 300 burpees that I hope to catch up on throughout this trip. Dang you burpee challenge!!!!


my hubby got these before going to have our car brakes checked out again – 7


protein smoothie  – 2


*Dev BB game, packing, loading, and cleaning house Alllll day – no lunch


snacked on some of these yummies that my husband made all afternoon- he  insisted on having pretzels dipped in chocolate if I was bringing pretzels as a road trip snack – needless to say Sunday evening he learned how to make chocolate dipped pretzels while I was in the middle of my ‘organized chaos’ with getting laundry caught up and us all packed.


late afternoon – FINALLY on the road   –  was starving and had a headache from no real food all day – sonic jr burger deluxe and small tots – 16

the nasty weather that came in AND traffic turned HORRIBLE as we were trying to get out of Houston.  Wet roads and ‘stupid’ people are NOT a good combo!!!!!   pretty scary.


 after a little ‘James Bond’ maneuver (as my husband liked to call it) that got me all riled up – I needed some ice cream!! ( YES I realize this was an emotional choice- Mama Bear had been poked when ‘stupid’ people pulled out in front of us and we had to slam on our brakes on wet roads!)  vanilla shake- drank half  and gave the rest to my hubby – 9


 Finally made it to our first stop on our 2 week long trip – my in-laws!  They had BBQ ready for us and we got to see their new house!  -4

as always we find ways to have fun and get good laughs!!!  we had a good time tonight looking up hIlAriOuS youtube videos!

snack- grapes and a banana

Our next stop : 

Amarillo Texas!!!  😉

*pray for clear weather and good driving conditions!!! The Texas Panhandle is getting a big winter storm today!

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