Oatmeal W/ Banana

Our Husband’s Rock!

Over the weekend, we had a fun conversation with our husbands about acting more interested in our hobbies.  We “laughed” about the fact that we always listen to their stories about the chiropractic world (for mine) and the military world (for Carman and Cyndi)…. but the moment WE start talking blogs… the husbands “check out” of the conversation.  We told them how fun it would be for us if they would be a little more excited about our interests!  Hahaha!!!  It must have worked because yesterday, we had a FULL day of computer/blog work on our agenda!  And during the day I received several texts messages from my husband to see how things were going!  Here’s an example…

And when Courtney came home from work….. he was MORE than excited to see what we had been up to!

And when I came home from a very long day of blogging FUN!…………  My hubby surprised me with THIS!  Woohoo!!!  I just wanted to THANK the hubby’s’ for being cool and supporting us!!  Y’all are the best!!!

Tuesday’s FIRE BITES – (Our new name for our daily food journal)

Oatmeal W/ Banana – 4



Zone Bar – 5

Turkey Chili W/ Spinach, Romaine, and Green Onions – 5

Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie – 2

Grapes – 0

Turkey Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza – 6 (With Added EVOO)

Favorite Cereal – 3

Boot Camp was KILLER on Monday – And I am definitely feeling it!

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