To The Working Mom :)

My humble and sincere apologies for never fully appreciating the working mom!

As a stay at home mom for the last 12+ years, I never really understood or gave you enough credit. It’s tough to balance it all… motherly and wifely responsibilities on top of EVERYTHING else! (there would seriously be wayyyy too many things to list here to even come close!)

Now that I’m in the working mom category… (although I do work from home) I am definitely navigating the balancing act!

To say that I’m dealing with stress and emotions would probably be an understatement! I managed to pack on a few unwanted pounds over the last several months and I’m committed to getting them back off! I’m participating in Project 10. Here’s my official video that I submitted!

I’m tracking my progress on my Challenge Timeline HERE!

(I’ve been struggling, so like I said in a previous post, I’m back to blogging for the accountability factor!)

Valentine’s Day – Started off with a great work out at the gym with Torry.

And lots of great food!

(not all the healthiest… but I threw in some veggies and protein for good measure)


Chick Flick! We saw Safe Haven…

I loved it! I’ve read all of the Nicholas Sparks novels, so the movies are fun for me.


Torry worked late…. boys and I went to Academy to look around… they are easily entertained!


Stopped by a store that sells really nice gym equipment… I just need $6900 and this could be all mine! ūüėČ

I love the ARC trainer! My old gym used to have them…. I miss it!

A typical day at work… sharing health and fitness!



Monday the boys were out of school and we took a road trip… to Marble Falls.

It was fun for the boys to be back in their old neighborhood at their favorite fishing dock!

Later that night, we went to San Antonio for the ViSalus Founders Tour. While I’m paying close attention… my hubby is always in the back of the room taking goofy pictures with the co-founders! Thx Nick, Black, and Ryan for being good sports… and not kicking Torry out for being crazy!

¬†And after getting home at 2:30am and being completely motivated….

I went to one of my favorite places! :)


Woohoo!!! Feels so good to be getting back in the groove!!! :)


Christmas 2012

It’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me now‚Ķ.

It’s been so long I seriously forgot the website to login! ¬†I too miss our little blog. ¬†It was seriously the only way I was going to leave some sort of journal for my kids and grandkids. ¬†And I know they are going to be super excited to read and see what I ate for over a year! ūüėČ

But to me it’s not just about the accountability of food, it’s about sharing our experiences of day to day life with weight, food, exercise, family, husbands, etc. ¬†And knowing that everyone struggles in one way or another but we can be a strength for each other!

My last real post was post¬†our Hawaii trip. ¬†WOW, it’s been a long time! ¬†The holidays came and went with the chaos and craziness that they tend to bring. ¬†The new year was a little depressing. ¬†My husband went back overseas the Friday after Christmas so it was back to our routine! ¬†I am lucky to have one of my very best friends that lives not too far away from me and spent the first week of January with her and her 4 kids. ¬†That really helped me to be able to get into my coping/survival mode that I tend to go in when Keller leaves.

The boys are busy. ¬†Cruz is almost 11 months!! ¬†And is crawling all over the place. ¬†He’s super smiley and literally brings a smile to my face every time I look at him. ¬†Cole is going to be 6 in May and loves Kindergarten. ¬†He had a girlfriend, but she “broke-up” with him because her best friend really likes Cole??!?!? ¬†Already in Kindergarten it starts???? ¬†Geez! ¬†I’ve been keeping myself busy with my workouts, as usual! ¬†I’ve been doing a lot of yoga at home, ut just last week tried out a hot yoga studio that I really like. ¬†Keller also built a CrossFit gym in our garage so I’ve also been doing a couple CF workouts a week at home.

I do have an exciting announcement!! ¬†Heavens NO I’m not pregnant!! ¬†I was able to reach my weight-loss goal by the end of 2012!!!!!!! ¬†My goal was to be 150 pounds and December 31st I was 149!! ¬†Yahoo‚Ķso exciting!!! ¬†The crappy part is that none of my clothes fit, so that kind of sucks, but it’s the best thing that sucks ever! ¬†Since then I’ve been able to lose another 5.8 pounds so I’m down to 144.2. ¬†So total since March 25, 2007 when Cruz was born, I’ve lost 57.8 pounds. ¬†I’ve changed my goal to 140 in hopes that I can continue to lose as I build lean muscle. ¬†Here are some before and afters (the second “after”pic was taken for my husband to show him my new workout outfit, hence the pose!)

I’m super excited to get back into blogging and may even have a recipe for you tonight, unless it tastes like crap!


And They All Come Crawling Back…

I’ve really missed blogging! Truth be told, I’ve missed blogging with Carman and Cyndi! As life goes… things change and people get busy… but we want to be able to make this work somehow. This is our little spot on the WWW that allows us to share with each other, support each other and stay up to date with what’s up. :)

Obviously there is no way to adequately capture the last several months… so I’m just gonna dive right in … if I come across things that I want to share that you may have missed… I’ll add them if it seems right!

For the most part… we are just plugging along taking one day at a time…

Ah yes, the food… I am IN NEED of some accountability. So I may be selfishly blogging so that I can report what I eat everyday in hopes of getting back on track.

I. enjoyed. the. last. 6. months. of. my. life. wayyy. too. much!

And now I am ready to get back to where I was when we left off! Prepare yourself for protein shakes, turkey chili, and protein waffles…. I’m baaaaack!!! :)



I feel better already! This is going to be FuN again! :)

Is anybody out there anymore????

photo 4

Butternut Squash Pizza

I saw this idea on Roni’s Green Lite Bites site and knew I would be trying it! So glad that I did because it is really really good! :)


Preheat the broiler!

Slice the butternut squash into 1/2 inch thick rounds… You’ll be happy to know that you can leave the skin right where it is… no peeling required!


Spray the cookie sheet with Pam and place under the broiler for approx 10 mins… I watched this like a hawk so they wouldn’t burn…


Flip them over and smear some pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, dash of italian seasoning and a little mozzarella cheese…

Place under the broiler for 2 or 3 mins… watch closely!


Now dive in to your new “not-so-guilty” pleasure! Sooo good and so satisfying! :) Thanks Roni for the awesome idea!



Running is Cheaper than Therapy

I got out for a long overdue 4 mile run last night. I’ve been in a funk for a while with my workouts and have been trying to put one foot in front of the other, but just haven’t been ‘feeling it’ or consistent like I did with our Tough Mudder workouts.

I realized last night after I laced up my shoes, threw my headphones in and walked out the door that our mind and bodies WANT and NEED exercise to help relive stress and help our bodies function better. I have noticed a huge difference for sure and I think my body and mind is at the point where I NEED my workouts to thrive. I love this ‘I Run Because’ because it was every thought I had last night before, during and after my run. ¬†And for me its definitely THERAPY and quality time with me!!! :)



Does walking or running help you relieve stress?? 

Can you tell a huge difference??