Stack of Documents

Paperwork Madness

why? whY? WHY???? Do I keep putting off important paperwork…..


I FORCED myself to face the piles today. I made a dent, but have lots more to do…. I avoided phone calls, hid out at home as much as I could… didn’t even work out! (Now you know I’m serious!)


So, I have this basket that has turned into the JUNK basket. It sits on the counter in the kitchen and it collects crap … as I was going through it today, I FREAKED OUT when I saw a pair of eyes staring at me! There was a LIZARD in the basket!!! I was the only one home and had to deal with it. I threw the basket on the back porch… and the lizard was kind enough to wait for me to run inside and grab my phone and snap a pic.

Fire Bites: 28 pts plus

Whey protein fruit smoothie with flaxseed oil – 4

Egg beaters with turkey sausage – 4

Frozen yogurt – 3

Turkey chili (no beans) with spinach and salsa – 4

Protein bar – 6 (on the way home from taking Ty to the ortho)

Cereal – 3

Fiber one – 2

Roasted veggies with 1/4 cup of alfredo sauce – 2


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40 years old, "stay at home mom" to 2 boys (ages 16 and 14), wife to a chiropractic kinesiologist! I love blogging and learning new ideas. I follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus program and enjoy working out. I have run 2 full 26.2 mile marathons and 3 half marathons... and many 10k and 5k's. I love taking BodyPump classes and lifting weights. Working out has always been fun for me, but I struggle with eating healthy. Blogging has introduced me to a world of healthy eaters... When I first started WW... I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat! I didn't like cooking and I am not the kind of person that can just throw things together. There are tons of ideas out there and I love finding new and fun ones that I feel like I am capable of making myself!

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