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Party like a NINJA!

Stayed up way too late last night trying to download the latest version of iTunes and my iPhone software…3 hours later, I’m missing songs and not in love with the new version.  Oh well…woke up this morning craving a good workout.  So I grabbed a pre-workout snack while Cole had breakfast.

Pre-workout: wheat toast w/PB 5pts

Got on the treadmill and did some intervals.  Ran 2min, walk 1 min for 45 min.  After the much overdue run, I did 2 sets of 20 each: alternating lunges w/hammer curls, squats holding dumbbell, curtsy lunges w/overhead press, static lunges w/lateral raises, and planks for 30 sec.  My legs already hurt!  It feels great!  +8

Post-workout: Muscle Milk shake  5 pts

We skyped with Keller and then Cole wanted to watch a movie so we made lunch and ate it while watching Narnia.

Lunch: more Butternut squash soup from Trader Joe’s w/toast and a peach  6pts

Both of us were exhausted so we both went down for naps.  A friend invited Cole to a Ninja birthday party so after naps we headed down there.

Snack: on the way to the birthday party Mint Cookie Balance Bar 5 pts…it’s such a good idea to have a good snack  on hand, especially when you’re going to a party and not sure what the food situation is going to be

My friend from college was the mom of the boy having the party and she’s super into birthday parties.  She always does hand invitations, homemade decorations, and plans every little detail.  She always makes sure that the parents have as good a time as the parents.  I sampled 1 small piece of shrimp sushi, 1 bite of orange chicken, 1 sushi krispie (rice krispie w/a swedish fish in the middle wrapped around with a piece of fruit roll-up), 4 pieces of licorice, and lots of watermelon.  About 10pts??

PS AWESOME FIND…so I was googling how to make a collage on my mac and found this website, it was FREE and super easy to upload my photos and then put them into this collage so that I didn’t have to post 6 different photos.  LOVE IT!

Got home from the party and mom was making dinner again.  Have I mentioned that it’s kind of awesome living here!  I’ve only cooked dinner like twice in the last 2 weeks.  She made a pork loin w/sauteed veggies and sweet potatoes in balsamic.  We made a caprese salad to go on the side.  SOOOOO good!  10pts

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