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Quick Trip to Idaho


In preparation to eat my way through Idaho, we started our day with a workout.

Pre-workout: 1tsp PB and banana

Spin class.

Post-workout: Protein pancake and green greek smoothie

I’m so in love with these green greek smoothies I’ve been making lately.  1/2C water, sliver of an orange, 2 handfuls of spinach, blend, 1/2 banana, 1C frozen fruit, and 1/2C plain greek yogurt.

Packed, picked Cole up from school and headed on our way.  It’s a long freaking way in case you were wondering!

Tried to snack on healthy things knowing I would be having taquitos for dinner.

Finally got to Boise and had dinner with Shea, Jeff and the kids.  Shea made homemade taquitos with a delicious dipping sauce.

Lorelei and Cole

Kylee, our 10-y-o niece, offered a prize to whoever ate the most taquitos.  Keller won.  I had 4, he had 13!


Kind of a rainy gloomy day.  Shea and I were able to go to a yoga class at her YMCA.  We thought it was a 45 minutes class, turned out it was a 90 minute class.  The teacher was hardcore and I got to see Shea in all her yoga glory.  She got her yoga teaching certificate last year and is now my yoga hero.  I would love to be able to do all the advanced poses she can and one day teach.  Most of all I just can’t wait to be able to do hot yoga again!!

Didn’t have much time before class to eat so I just grabbed a banana.  By the time class was over I was starving.  The teacher brought some “healthy” brownies to share with the class.  They were nut free, dairy free, wheat free, and pretty much just dissolved in your mouth!  I wasn’t hungry enough to eat them.  Instead I asked Shea if she knew where a good bagel place was, she didn’t, so I googled and we found one right down the street.

Breakfast: delicious wheat bagel w/lowfat cream cheese

Took the kids to an indoor fun center with games and bumper cars.  They had a blast.

Lunch: before we left, made a chicken sandwich w/avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce

Cole and I were exhausted after our afternoon of fun, so when we came home we laid down for a nap.  Felt so much better after.

The adults were able to go to the famous Big Judd’s for dinner all by ourselves.  We love older cousins that babysit!

Dinner: 1/4lb hamburger w/a handful of fries and a few tots…

oh and don’t forget the fry sauce!

Keller ate an entire 1lb Big Judd all by himself in about the same time it took me to eat my meal.  Last time he tried that, about 9 years ago, it took him like an hour and he was in the fetal position on the ride home.

Dessert: mint chip ice cream cone

We came home and just hung out and chatted.  It was so nice to hang out with them, it’s been way too long!


Woke up and got ready for church.  Realized somehow my dress that I had packed for the trip was no longer in my bag.  I have no idea how it got out!  I was about to make a run to Target, but Shea saved the day with a very cute maternity dress that I was able to borrow.

Breakfast in the parking lot of church: spoonful of PB and a banana

Snack during church: Balance Bar

After church we came home and had a snack while Shea made a delicious lasagna dinner.

Late Lunch: lasagna, salad, and garlic bread

Dessert: fruit and cookie salad…kind of tasted like banana pudding, but with chocolate cookies, very yummy

We hung out a little longer and then got back in the car to head back to Utah.  A short trip, but so much fun!

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One thought on “Quick Trip to Idaho

  1. Lexy

    Looks like y’all had an awesome whirlwind weekend! Shea is too cute! We need to get her to do a yoga post for us!! :) Loved all of the pictures!


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