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Return of the Routine

It is mid-week of the first week back to school and the new 4am wake up call is starting to catch up with me!! I found myself having to dragggggg my hinney outta bed this morning.  I am having to take a power nap each afternoon to get through the rest of the evening. I am normally not a nap person – I always feel guilty because I have such a scroll list of things to get done, but I almost cannot function by dinner time and since I’m single momming it this week I have way less patience with my kids if I don’t get a power nap in.

Yesterday I had 2 thoughts about the pains of getting back into a routine. I LOVE a daily routine and schedule because my life flows so much better and is much more peaceful. Its the PAINFUL process of getting back in the groove that will sometimes leave us wondering ‘what the heck am I doing?!’  It is no doubt a painful process and my first thought to myself was  ‘You just have to put your head down and push through it’. We HAVE to force ourselves to push through it  – to change – because we know what’s on the other side.  My second thought is my favorite, especially when I’m so tired or frustrated,  the 4am alarm is kicking my butt,  I’m fighting the cranky kids, and having to constantly remind them of what they need to be doing next………..

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Nuff said!! :)

Oh – and my last favorite reminder is:

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I came across this awesome article called Return of the Routine with tips on getting back into a routine. Here are 5 steps suggested:

I was so happy to see that number 1 is REST!!! I am glad that I am allowing myself more time to rest and just taking baby steps with what I still have to do for work, organize my house, blogging, cleaning and just all my to-do’s. :) We have to take baby steps (like my favorite FlyLady routines) or we will get too overwhelmed too quickly.

I love this quote and it really put it in perspective for me –

“Rest, Mama. Rest a little longer than you need to. Still that nervous tick which makes you get up to clean the closet, or order the books, or put away shoes left out in the hall. Instead, when you awake each morning this week, notice the dance of green leaves outside your window, the small sounds of your children over breakfast, the rope of muscle cascading down your husband’s forearm, the warmth of a chuckle deep in his throat, and the feel of your bare feet on the floor. Savor your first cup like you have all the time of a lifetime. Let the flavor of your fresh fruit charge your senses. Listen to the music around you. Can you feel it? This is the sweetness of home.”

I love reminders like these to always be paying attention to our surroundings – especially in our homes. When we don’t we miss soooo many of the little things from our children. I know I am guilty of that. Its something I work on daily because with each passing day I have to remind myself that my children only have one childhood…..and these children in my house ‘won’t be like this for long’ (one of my favorite country songs!)  Will try not to cry now!!! :)


Tuesday’s Fire Bites: 
Workout – too short of  a track run 
Breakfast – green Vi-shake on the way to take my daughter to Seminary
Snack – Zone bar
2nd Snack – Nutra Cookie
Lunch – Zip & Steamed (love these bags!!) tilapia with my favorite Old Bay seasonings and a side of butternut squash fries
Snack – banana
Dinner – green Vi-shake 
Dessert after a YW leadership meeting at church – lemonade pie (gotta work on that willpower cause I seems to have none right now!! :)) 
Late Snack -fried eggs
*been SUPER snackie still! :( 


Wednesday’s Fire Bites:
Breakfast – Blueberry and frozen banana Vi-shake 
Snack – Nutra cookie and apples with cinnamon
Lunch- Strawberry Cheesecake Vi-shake
Snack -Nutra cookie
Dinner not pictured – Pancakes in pajamas at our YW activity night :) 
Snack – When we got home Gabe started making his own shake so I blended it up for him and we split it :) 


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