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Rise and Shout the Cougars were out…weekend recap

Busy weekend…

Friday started off with a wonderful hour of yoga.  It has been soooo long way to long since I’ve done yoga and I could tell.  I was so stiff and having troubles doing position that usually aren’t a problem.  My goal this next week is to wake up every day and do at least 10 minutes of yoga every morning.  Cole had school off due to a teacher training weekend so his cousins came up to grammy and papa’s house to play.  We went to the park, got ice cream, and watched Harry Potter.  At night we went out for dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants up in Park City.  They have the best chips and delicious shrimp tacos.  Apparently everyone else in Park City had the same idea cause it was packed.  We had 5 adults and 5 kids trying to find a table in this tiny restaurant.  The kids were tired, it was hot, and it took forever to get our food then Cole was either dehydrated or just exhausted or a mixture of both, but almost barfed all over the place.  I had to cut in front of this little girl waiting for the bathroom so that he didn’t barf all over the restaurant.  So we went home and got him to bed, with a little 7up and some toast he was feeling much better.

Food for FRIDAY:

My sister brought the ingredients for us to try a Persian snack that friends of hers introduced her to.  It’s Persian bread with feta cheese, walnuts, and prunes.  I have to be honest, at first it didn’t sound so good, but it was actually delicious!

After the park, we took the kids to get an ice cream.

Dinner: shrimp tacos from El Chubasco

SATURDAY…spent most of the day at the BYU/Idaho State football game.  Tried to not go crazy on food today.  Started with a bowl of my favorite Nature’s Path flaxseed cereal.

Snack/Lunch: The fam decided to stop at Wendy’s before getting on the road to go to the game.  Luckily I brought an apple and a Balance Bar, cause I knew I wanted to save my calories for a treat at the game.


My phone did not work at all in the stadium so I didn’t get a pic of my treats…my favorite thing to get at BYU games is called a cougar tail, it’s basically a big A maple bar…I also needed some substance so I grabbed a chicken salad from Costa Vida (similar to Cafe Rio) tortilla, rice, chicken, lettuce, pico, dressing.  They were both soooo yummy!  And Cole had a great time at his first football game!

I’m not sure what my deal was, but I did not feel good at all on the way home.  I think it was a combination of nausea just from being in a car and having all that food in my stomach.  So I went straight to the treadmill when we got home.  Ran my intervals 45 min run 2min/walk 1.  Felt sooo much better after that!

Dinner: Chobani greek yogurt w/fruit

SUNDAY…I literally did nothing today, scratch that, I took my parents to the airport and then I did nothing.  Made some eggs w/turkey and toast for breakfast.  Cole wanted soup for lunch so we had some more of the Trader Joe’s butternut squash soup with  a muenster grilled cheese sandwich and some grapes.

We watched some movies and then took naps.  Snacked on some Twizzlers pull-n-peel, dang you Sherilynn, apple, and some tortilla chips.

Sherilynn was so nice and made dinner.  She made pasta w/fresh tomato and basil sauce and a delicious salad.  I’m being spoiled by people cooking for me!!

Been craving these since I got here.  So I decided to make them and get them out of my system.  Started with one, but by the time the night was over I’m pretty sure I had 4!

Had a moment of weakness, should have gone upstairs to made a healthy snack, instead I found whatever candy I could get my hands on and ate them.  Did not feel awesome after this binge!

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2 thoughts on “Rise and Shout the Cougars were out…weekend recap

  1. Allie

    So I’m Lexy’s friend from Texas, and I’ve been reading your blogs here and there! I think it’s so cool that you are here in Utah now! So it’s fun hearing what you’ve been eating up there in Park City. My favorite Mexican place is Loco Lizard so I got excited when you said something about a Mexican place there and then I noticed it was different…But I’m more curious how you are holding up doing all this weight watching being pregnant. How far are you now? I’m terrible at committing myself to good food choices and exercise. I’m thinking of looking at our community rec center that has child care available also, that way my one and a half year old can play while I get uninterrupted work out time. AND…I just thought today of doing the yoga thing. Never done it before, and I’m not a high tensity work out girl. I like the low impact that should get the work done the same way. Ya know? Anyway, since I haven’t met you yet I feel like I’ve been “stalking” you on here, lol! So I “know” tons about you but you don’t have a clue who I am!

  2. Cyndi Post author

    Allie…we need to meet up! Lexy has told me great things about you. You definitely have to try El Chubasco next time you’re up here…it’s super delish. I’m 17 weeks now and holding up as best I can. I’ve gained about 15 pounds (according to 2 different doctor scales so I’m not sure I really believe I’ve gained that much, but on my first pregnancy I gained most of my weight in the first trimester). Now that I’m settled in Park City I have a greater ability to control what I’m eating and be more consistent about exercise. Everyday is a struggle cause I love treats, but I’m trying really hard to count my points and stay within the maintenance point range plus any exercise points I earn. It’s hard!
    I totally think you should join the rec center. I’m a huge believer in having uninterrupted workout time. You need that time for yourself! As for yoga…I love love love it. I’m a hardcore workout chick myself. Love to feel like I burned some serious calories. The thing with yoga is that your body also needs time to recover. Yoga helps with sore muscles, stress, flexibility, and just helps you feel good. If you’re still worried about it not being a workout, try hot yoga. I was introduced to hot yoga (also called Bikram yoga) when I was in Texas. I always thought, “sick why would I want to do yoga in a hot sweaty room with 15 other hot sweaty people”. But seriously, it was the best find ever. I can’t do it anymore cause it increases my heart rate too much, but as soon as I can, I will! Hope we can get together soon! Talk to you later!


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